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2019 Building Team

Our goal was to continue the build on the adult education building (slab poured in 2017) and have it completed for the class of 2020. We were a team of 8 with a father and son from Sydney and the remainder of the team from Brisbane. Being a relatively small team we had a massive challenge to be able to complete all tasks in the 3 week time frame.

Zambian locals had started making and laying blocks in February, so we arrived to see most of the blocks laid ready for us to start on the roof. Our days started with the usual walk from our accommodation through the community (about 2km) where you couldn’t help but be energised and excited for the day from all the smiling faces and kids. We had an intense 3 weeks of being under the pump and reaching our targets each day despite the 8 hour power outages and very hot days.

By the time we left, the building was close to completion. The roof was pitched and sheeted, the walls were rendered and painted outside, windows were installed, doors were hung, a toilet block built and plumbed in, kitchen cabinets built, power and lights to the building and a few maintenance jobs completed as well. The local guys will finish off the floors, painting inside and landscaping. New fridges, a stove and sewing machines will then complete the building fit out.

As we worked alongside our Zambian friends the site became a place of laughter, singing (mostly Zambians) hard work and unity. Every year we visit we are challenged by the hardships of day to day life and the reality of living in poverty. It’s impossible to compare to Australia but the simplicity of life, community and the amazing power of humility and unity is something our local friends are true examples of…..and you can’t help but be challenged and changed.

As a team we achieved much in 3 weeks but the work continues for the staff in our Adult Education department as they teach these ladies and men skills that are going to help provide for their families and change their future!

It’s always a hard and challenging month away but a life changing and rewarding one!

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