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2019 Waterfall Wander

In short: We had an awesome time. We raised almost $19,000. You should come next year!

11 walkers and 4 support crew participated in the Waterfall Wander in July this year. Heavy rain in the week before the walk meant that the waterfalls were spectacular. However, the rain also created a lot of mud on the track and hence our renaming of the event to the Muddy Meander. We walked about 90km and climbed over 2000 vertical metres over 6 days. While some walkers did not find the walk difficult, others found it quite challenging. The distance, the uphill sections, the mud and the leeches all presented challenges to different people. Some were challenged in other ways including their perception of what poverty is, and their level of wealth relative to the Global Rich List. Despite the challenges we had a great time – great food, amazing views, beautiful forest and waterfalls, and awesome people. Some of our walkers had no previous involvement with Eagles Wings and were impressed by hearing stories of changed lives, the small/personal nature of the organization and the proportion of funds that goes to Zambia. We had a great team of walkers and support crew and it was fantastic to see the way that those who found the walk more challenging were supported and encouraged by all.

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