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EW Australia

EW Australia Ltd (EWA) is a small not-for-profit aid and development organisation working in a number of communities (population 20,000) on the outskirts of Ndola, Zambia. Our passionate focus is to see vulnerable children realise and reach their God-given potential. Three key words define our mission: Hope, Generosity and Adventure. Our Australian directors and event coordinators work on a voluntary basis in order to maximise donations; seeing funds directly reach the grassroots level is a determined focus. Our partners are EW Zambia (EWZ) who work directly with the children, families and communities within Zambia, and Global Development Group (GDG) who oversee all monitoring and reporting aspects in line with the Australian government’s (DFAT) development guidelines.


EWA was registered in August 2008 as Australian donors needed a clear and accountable path to donate to EWZ (registered in December 2003). It was due to the call and heart of Australians involved in assisting vulnerable children living in extreme poverty that we exist today.

EW Australia Ltd Board

EWA Board of Directors are unpaid members who play a governance and management role over the responsibilities associated with EW Australia. In short we are simply a leadership group that works on behalf of the Australian community, and on behalf of the children and families that live in extreme poverty. We work in partnership with both the leadership of EWZ and Global Development Group in order to create an environment of best practice within community development. We serve in this capacity because we love seeing children realise and reach their God given potential.

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How We Operate

Partnership Approach

Eagles Wings (EW) is a grassroots organisation working directly with children, families and communities in a holistic manner. Our leaders, coordinators and staff at EW Zambia are indigenous Zambians, as we believe this approach brings sustainable and culturally relevant outcomes.
EW Zambia, EW Australia’s and Global Development Group’s partnership is based on a common vision to see vulnerable children realise and reach their God given potential. It is under this common vision that we work together to plan, implement and fund key developmental programs where the beneficiaries are children, families and wider communities we serve.

Community Development Approach

Within Southern Africa extreme poverty and the HIV/AIDS epidemic have wiped out whole generations and placed a huge burden on families. While we are a child focused organisation, we hope to restore whole families who have been affected. Hence our development efforts focus on enabling families to meet their basic needs, giving a platform in which to progress with dignity and purpose.
We also understand our focus is small and local. Our surrounding communities of Kanyala, Overspill, Bunga and Twapia’s population number around 20,000. Within this there are a large number of children who live in unbearable and unjust circumstances. These children and their families are our focus.

Locally Led

One of our core values is that this project and partnership is led by our Zambian management and staff. It is our firm belief that the best people to lead and facilitate the project are the people who live, work and play in that community. They know the people, the culture, the language, the best ways to communicate, have the best opportunities to nurture healthy and productive relationships and have the most to gain from seeing a successful project established.


Our major community development initiative is the education of disadvantaged children and families through Monkey Fountain Campus (MFC). MFC is a Christian community school and currently educates 480 students from grades 1 – 12 with graduates placed into further trade and academic studies. For us this is a very exciting prospect seeing students enter MFC with no financial ability gain an education, then have the opportunity once completing grade 12 to be placed into any educational facility historically only open to students from wealthy families. This changes their life and the future prospects of their families and broader community.

What is also inspiring for us is MFC is a school in which the community know it is for them, and always will be for them. Not only do children attend but community members who did not have the opportunity to attend school during their own childhood can attend adult education classes. This is mostly made up of women as historically girls were not given the same educational opportunities as boys. Hence many women within our surrounding communities were left illiterate.

Why Monkey Fountain Campus began

MFC is part of our Education Program and began for 2 major reasons:
We were funding children from our transit home (majority were street children) into government schools but after numerous teacher strikes (sometimes lasting months at a time) and a lack of quality education due to large classroom sizes (60-90 students per teacher) and limited teaching time we began to rethink what was possible in the area of education of disadvantaged children.

After entertaining the possibility of building our own community school we were then able to shape it around our Christian faith, ethos and values as leaders of a small, but growing organisation. This excited us as it meant we could set both the standard of education within the school and how it was implemented by our teaching staff around our Christian faith.

After the community became aware of hopes to build a community school for them, a large group of women within the community approached our director Lackson Matolokoshi to also include adult education classes for them. Hence right from the beginning the school has been shaped by the community as a way of serving their needs.

It is becoming evident that the values of the school are at the very least assisting students to have a hope for a future which incorporates compassion and generosity towards others. Many students now dream of reaching their potential in order to give back to their own community.

Our Education Program focuses on providing high quality education for children living in extreme poverty and imparting Christ-like values that will not only help the child, but their community as well.

How we are funded

Over the past 20 years MFC has been funded by one off and regular donors (mostly Australian donors), with annual Challenge 4 Change events playing a major part in meeting school budget goals. In-country income has been difficult to source but occasionally we have received grants for capital expenditure (construction of 6 classrooms). We have a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Zambian Government, to fund some of our secondary school teachers.