EW ZambiaPrayerfully assisting vulnerable children to realise and reach their God given potential

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Our Approach

Partnership Approach

Eagles Wings (EW) is a grassroots organisation working directly with children, families and communities in a holistic manner. Our leaders, coordinators and staff at EW Zambia are indigenous Zambians, as we believe this approach brings sustainable and culturally relevant outcomes.

EW Zambia, EW Australia's and Global Development Group's partnership is based on a common vision to see vulnerable children realise and reach their God given potential. It is under this common vision that we work together to plan, implement and fund key developmental programs where the beneficiaries are children, families and wider communities we serve.

Community Development Approach

Within Southern Africa extreme poverty and the HIV/AIDS epidemic have wiped out whole generations and placed a huge burden on families. While we are a child focused organisation, we hope to restore whole families who have been affected. Hence our development efforts focus on enabling families to meet their basic needs, giving a platform in which to progress with dignity and purpose.

We also understand our focus is small and local. Our surrounding communities of Kanyala, Overspill, Bunga and Twapia's population number around 20,000. Within this there are a large number of children who live in unbearable and unjust circumstances. These children and their families are our focus.

Locally Lead

One of our core values is that this project and partnership is led by our Zambian management and staff. It is our firm belief that the best people to lead and facilitate the project are the people who live, work and play in that community. They know the people, the culture, the language, the best ways to communicate, have the best opportunities to nurture healthy and productive relationships and have the most to gain from seeing a successful project established.

  • 2003
  • Established
  • 28
  • Number of staff
  • 20,000
  • Community size
  • 550
  • Direct Beneficiaries