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Follow the CFC team and event participants as they tackle physically challenging events to raise funds and awareness for Eagles Wings.

Final Day Challenge for Change

It's here!  Day 8. Most of us have lost count of which day it is throughout the week, but today we all know. Final day!  There's a sense of excitement but also some mixed feelings that our team will be going our separate ways. We've grown together as we work, ride, sleep and eat together in very close quarters. 

Both teams are on their way to Milford Sound. Team 20 left first this morning and Team 27 followed behind by an hour or so.  This way they will arrive at the end together.  Support crew have been organising tonight's dinner and we will soon be on our way also. I know there will be many photos of the final destination this afternoon.

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Challenge for Change...Te Anau

"The strength of the team is each member.  The strength of each member is the team".  Phil Jackson.

Here we are in Te Anau.  The last three days we have had little or no internet, so apologies for no blog.  

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Day 3 and 4 Challenge for Change

The excitement of Day 3 began just before midnight on Day 2 when we were evacuated from the Youth Hostel due to a fire alarm. It was a great fashion parade of pyjamas, although most looked less than impressed. 

I decided in the morning that this would be the day I highlighted "A Day in the Life of the Ground Crew". There are many obvious tasks such as cooking, cleaning, hauling luggage, driving, filming...but there are many facets to these tasks.  Cooks have to work out the available cooking facilities to determine what they can physically cook and then search the local shops for possible options that fit the budget.  The media crew not only film but figure out interesting angles, take up various poses on banks, under bridges and in the middle of overpasses. Then they sit up till all hours of the editing.

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Day 2 Challenge for Change Day 2.

There is an African proverb that says:  "if you want to go fast, go alone.  If you want to go far, go together."  Today was about distance .....the longest day of the ride...well we hope it is. Breakfast at 5.00 am and dinner at 9.00 pm  and a full day of riding in between.  Those riders who did the South Island three years ago were delighted to see the sun out as they travelled  through Arthur''s Pass. They got to see the views that were covered in mist last time. A highlight was the viaduct where we rode or drove under the huge pipe and waterfall. 

230 kms with approximately 1400 metres of climbing does not add up to a fast day, but it does add up to a day of "going together".  We watched in awe as Team 27 powered up the hills.  We watched in greater awe as those new to riding persevered and struggled as others encouraged them with a hand on their back...riding together.

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Day 1. Challenge for Change

Riders woke up this morning to drizzling rain and very cold conditions.  Nerves were on edge and excitement was evident. The navigators had practised their run out of Christchurch so the day started smoothly. There was quite a long, flat stretch of beautiful scenery which helped teams settle into a rhythm and calm nerves. 

Our support vehicle  caught up with Team 20 after their first decent climb. They were hungry and cold but pleased with their effort. It's amazing how quickly a team spirit develops, which spurs them on and encourages each member that they will complete the day. Team 20 are expected to average 20 kms per day.....which doesn't  happen without cooperation. 

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