Aussie Challenge Day 21

Dongara to (TBC)

After pulling in around midnight last night, the team had a (comparativley) lazy Saturday morning sleep-in, with alarms set for 6:30am. The longer night's sleep has done everyone the world of good.

You're wondering about the headwinds... Reid tells us that conditions today "could be better, but then again, they could be worse". Basically, the wind has dropped in intensity, but it's still there. Keep praying folks!

The first 'town' we came across this morning was Eneabba (pronounced 'any-ABBA'). We're not the original, but in Eneabba, any ABBA will do - so we struck a pose and belted out a few tunes, I think we got a laugh out of Reid, not sure if it was amusement or pity :-)

Today we say farewell to Graham F, who has been part of the road crew since Brisbane. Graham has done a stellar job, supporting Reid thus far (and updating everyone back home with his daily blogs). We'll see you at the Celebration Breakfast, mate. By the way, have you bought your ticket? (Reminder: you need to RSVP by 4th April - this week!)

Daun and Tiff took the express route to Perth, leaving the road crew around 11am to go organise the washing and do some grocery shopping. They also re-united with Lynda, who has been catching up with family in Perth. Reid's legs are looking forward to seeing Lynda's hands - they could use a good massage.

Between pit-stops today, the crew in Flo drove past Reid, just as he dropped the bike chain (talk about timing!). We quickly pulled up so Hedgy and Dan could jump out and fix it. Even in that 30 seconds when Reid was trying to fix it himself, he was getting frustrated - any longer and the bike may have ended up thrown in the bushes (seriously). At the next lunch break, Reid tells us he is "mentally shot" and unable to deal with anything more than just riding today. Turns out his fancy looking helmet is good for that - its reflective visor not only protects him from the bugs and sun, but it 'blocks out the world', enabling him to focus and ride.

After 8000+ km, the bike is in need of some repairs / preventative maintenance. Our bush mechanics (Hedgy and Dan) are honing their skills and doing some work on the bike tonight, will let you know how/if it's running tomorrow...

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