Aussie Challenge Day 21 (Part II) and Day 22

**Back in range, this was written on Sunday

(TBC to Bunbury + Bunbury to Walpole)

Our day did not end with the posting of yesterday's blog. For those of you following the tracker, into the early hours of this morning, I hope you went to bed and didn't wait for us to stop... otherwise you might have been waiting awhile.

Reid kept riding all night. To bring you up to date... an hour north of the Perth CBD, Reid briefly caught up with some family friends. This was a great encouragment and booster to Reid. He also met up with Stuart, who was so accomodating and helpful. He met us 30 km north of Perth (at 11pm) and then escorted Reid through Perth. The majority of this was along a brilliant bikeway, running parallel to the main north-south highway. Apparently this stretch was the best 1.5 hours of the ride so far.

We took a quick happy snap at the Bell Tower (for world record proof) and a video to celebrate reaching Perth (which has seemed so distant for so many days). We met up with the boys at 1:30am for another feed (beef strips with mashed potato - prepared in Flo, while she was parked in the Target carpark, just off the freeway) and then farewelled Stuart, grateful for his local knowledge and enthusiasm.

Snapshots and glimpses over the next few hours:
- Tiff and Nat driving the support car (and trailer!)
- Hedgy faithfully captaining Flo, supported by Daun, Lynda and Dan
- Reid, now what was he doing? Oh yeah... riding

Since I'm struggling to remember much of the night in detail... I've asked around the team. Hedgy says "It was a huge effort by Reid and a huge effort by the team, all putting in a 25 hour day. Just huge". Daun reflects on Reid's mood. Having not been with him for the majority of the daylight hours (as she was running errands in Perth), she noticed a significant shift in his emotions. Having left him in Eneabba, (when he was battling with another day of ferocious headwinds, making him pretty angry), to the postive guy who rode through Perth, it was so good to see the smile back on his face!

At 4:10am we drove past Perserverance Boulevard. I don't think Reid noticed the sign, but we let him know at the next stop. He kept perservering, pushing on towards the goal.

The short term goal: making it to the support car every 10km - for the next can of coke
The medium term goal: eggs benedict and real coffee
The long term goal: Raising awareness and enough funds to continue the work of Eagles Wings in Zambia.

Day (21 blurring into 22) by the numbers:

Start time = 7am (Saturday)
Distance = 537.5 km
Average speed = 24.7km/hr (whilst moving)
Finish time = 8:47am (Sunday)
Time from start to finish = 25 hours 47 minutes

Things are going good. Reid is in the best spirits that I've observed since I got here on Thursday. The team are buzzing of his achievements and determined attitude, whilst he is buzzing off the team's encouragement and commitment. It's all a bit electric down in the south-west corner of WA right now.

Day 22 continues

After the eggs benny, we had an hour or two in Geraldton. Reid sleeps through Lynda's massage, Hegdy and Dan work on the bike, Daun, Tiff and I clean out and rearrange things in the van and trailor. It was also a chance to grab a quick, refreshingly cold shower using the beach amenities. Then it's back on the road just after midday (no sleep). Another 124 km down the road to Manjimup, where we were treated to a lovely 3 course dinner, put on by the folk at the Manjimup Lions Club. We have experienced some genuine hospitality as we travel around this vast country, sharing meals and conversations with the locals. Thankyou Manjimup Lions - I loved the locally grown peacharines with custard.

This epic 2 day effort ended at 12:30am on Monday morning, at a roadside pull-in just west of Walpole. Total 773.7km over two days with only snatches of sleep. Looking forward to a solid 6 hours sleep tonight. DAY(S) DONE.

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