Aussie Challenge Day 23

Walpole to Jerramungup

The scenery has changed. We've now hit the base of WA and turned left. Gone are the wide flat, brown stretches of the west coast, we are now travelling through national parks and timber country. The roads look smooth (with not much shoulder) and undulating. Coming into camp last night, there were some awesome downhills. At one pit stop Reid tells us "This is awesome, I haven't pedalled for the last 7 km". IF it was during the day, with a group of mates, fresh legs and plenty of sleep, that would've been an amazing ride. Perhaps he'll come back one day...

Today has seen us travel from a rest spot just west of Walpole, on to Denmark to do the laundry, Albany for lunch and now Jerramungup for dinner. As we were waiting in Denmark, Daun was chatting to a local cyclist who had been dropped off by his family to do a one way ride back to Albany. Reid had already left at this point and the support crew were just finishing off morning tea (fresh vanilla slice!) and repacking Flo, when our cycling mate discovered something broken with his shoes - he'd be stranded. As we are carrying a complete bike repair service in our trailer, Daun introduced him to Hedgy, who was able to fix him up and send him on his way. Above and beyond, support crew - nice work!

As Reid is only carrying one water bottle on his bike, the support team must meet him every 25km for a water/powerade refil. These pit-stops last anywhere from 30 seconds (fluids only) to 15 minutes (pasta, chicken, iced coffee, snickers, banana bread, pain killers and sunscreen). Today he even managed a drive through coffee.

Two-thirds of the support crew are now in Jerramungup at the local caravan park, having dinner with Gail (Caravan Park) and Tony + Georgina (Lions Club). They've put some steaks on the BBQ and prepared some beautiful fresh salads. (Daun, I love your cooking - but I don't think Flo could have produced this) - it was delicious! Talk around the table turned to snakes, spiders and scorpions... I took that as my cue to leave and have raced back to the cabin for a glorious hot shower and to finish off today's blog. Also need to prepare the weekly email update (if you would like to receive these, you can sign up here). Dan and Tiff are still out on the road keeping pace with Reid and should hopefully get a chance to pull in here around 10pm(ish) tonight. Then we'll likely tag team another pair and keep going.

Tonight's rest stop: TBA - go with the Flo.

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