Aussie Challenge Day 24

On Road (between Jerramungup and Raventhorpe) heading to Norseman

After the steak dinner at Jerramungup, Reid and Dan shot out for another few hours on the bike, pulling into camp just before 1:30am. It was a quick celebration "Day Done - Thanks Team" from Reid before he downed a magnesium drink, a protein drink and flopped into his tent, calling out "6:30am wake up". This is a fairly typical routine at night. Dan has recently been riding alongside Reid during the late/early hours, to keep him distracted from the pain and headwinds, but also alert during the ride. So I guess that means Dan needs to create both a distraction and maintain focus - aren't they opposites? Whatever he's doing, he's doing a great job! Nothing better than a 3 hour ride at midnight. Reid joked that Dan will no longer be able to manage daytime riding when he gets home!

Today has been fairly un-eventful, we had 'caravan-made' bacon and egg sandwiches at the first meal break, about 60km into the day. At the 100km pit-stop, Reid said a brief 'hello' to the English couple we'd had dinner with last night at the caravan park. They had been up early to check facebook and the tracker and had shot out to meet us.

While some of the crew are racing around doing the shopping and banking in Esperance, I'm writing the majority of this blog from the "West End Soapy" laundromat. Had to duck across the road to get $1 coins (and a coffee) at the McCafe, but the dryer is going now - I'm almost done.

What else happened today... hmmm Headwinds (but that's no surprise). Reid is no longer angry, just completely over them. It's kind of like saying "I'm not angry, I'm just disappointed" - you know? The 9000km milestone was also reached - that's pretty epic!

We have been encouraged by the donations given by random locals as we pass through towns. Just this afternoon we popped into a small menswear store to buy Dan a pair of trackpants (it's getting quite crisp at night) and upon noticing our shirts, the shop assistant dug into her purse and gave us some money for the cause - THANKS!

Reid desparately hopes that his efforts will produce benefits for the kids living in abject poverty. The Aussie Challenge is a critical fundraiser for Eagles Wings. Without financial support, he will be in a whole lot of pain, with not much gain. Thanks to all those who have already donated, your support is greatly appreciated! Can I encourage you to share the message further and ensure that this event succeeds as a fundraiser. You can donate online today. For those who have commited to a Simplicity Box, we hope you're on track with your goals to simplify your life - "live simply, so others may simply live".

The washing's done, Flo is waiting, onwards to Norseman.

PS - don't forget, there's only 2 days left to RSVP for the Eagles Wings Celebration Breakfast. Details on our Facebook Page, RSVP and pay online. See you there!

Aussie Challenge Day 25
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