Aussie Challenge Day 25

Norseman to Caiguna

Reid's cycle route yesterday did not take him through Esperance, but a young journo from the newspaper was keen for an interview. Unfortunately her boss wouldn't let her drive out to meet Reid, so she asked Dan if Reid could "ride back to Esperance tomorrow" for the interview - oh sure!

En-route to Norseman, Tiff cooked up some roadside hamburgers. We were just getting set up (onions chopped, gas on, oil heating in the pan), when we got the text, he's almost here. Not wanting to delay him while we cooked it was a quick 'pack-up and drive' 10km down the road, so we'd have time to get things ready. Each passenger onboard Flo was carrying a frypan of hot oil, ready to pull together our instant kitchen at the next stop. It's kind of like a Master Chef Pressure Test - 10 out of 10.

The day finished at 2am, 401km later (that's the first > 400km day in a while). He tells Chan and Sierra that he's "been a good boy".

Today we're heading toward the Nullabor. At our first pit-stop (gatorade and snickers bar), Reid said "I'm looking forward to the Nullabor, seeing the flat straight road. I don't know why, I'll be sick of it after 50km". But it's a pretty significant milestone on the journey, and something none of us out here on support crew have ever done before - so we're all looking forward to it. We've been in and (mostly) out of mobile reception today and this will likely continue over the next few days.

Reid appears to be in good spirits today. At stop #3 I asked him if he had any special requests for the next stop, 25km down the road "food to eat, drinks, singing, dancing...?) He asked for a 'bush jig'. Dan and I spent the next 25km working out what dance we could pull off in the middle of the road - we went with the "Horse fly slap dance". Fortunately Flo and the rest of the crew arrived just in time for the final rehearsal and our ensembe grew to 5. We got a cheer from our audience of one. (Support crew's fun!)

Reid has again been encouraged by random cash donations on the road. An older couple driving along had heard all about Reid in the previous town and saw him on the road. They pulled up alongside the support vehicle and gave a cash donation.

Aussie Challenge Day 26
Aussie Challenge Day 24
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