Aussie Challenge Day 27

Border Village (SA) to Nundroo

Time Warp
The time zones are doing my head in! Sometime yesterday afternoon we crossed into ‘Eastern Western Australia’ timezone (I have my doubts if that is even a legitimate time zone, can’t say I’ve ever heard of it) – FYI it’s 30 min ahead of Perth. Then, at the border, we moved into Central Standard Time, with daylight saving. The daylight saving runs out this weekend, so we’ll get an hour back… To complicate things further, some of phones are updating, some of our watches are ‘stuck’, my laptop is on Brisbane time, the car is searching for it’s own zone and Reid’s Garmin device seems to be right. With roughly zero hours sleep, I’m sure you can appreciate out slight delirum.

The Nullarbor
Nullarbor is latin for Nullis (nothing) Arbor (trees), please don’t check my spelling, I’m working from memory. We drove/he rode into a magnificent sunrise this morning – there is a rugged beauty to this tundra covered landscape, but the wide open plains allow the wind to buffet him from every angle – usually head on.

We have been travelling pretty close to the coastline. There was a turnoff that took us out to a viewing platform overlooking the Great Australian Bight. It was spectacular! We really wanted Reid to have the opportunity to see something (other than the road), so we met him at the turn off, shoved him in Flo and drove him to the cliff. It was a 200m walk out to the viewing platform – sorry Reid! We had previously agreed on 6hr 30min sleep tonight. Unfortunately our scenic detour has cost the support team 15mins sleep. Reid will get 6.5, support team will get 6.25 hours. It was worth it.  

Team Dynamics
Gotta say, I’m loving our team. We’ve all found our roles and places within the group, working well as a team. Every pitches in and helps out where needed. Special mention for Dan, who made dinner tonight (yum!). We’re a slightly crazy group (you’d have to be to sign up for this), but we’re having a lot of fun and some pointless deep and meaningful discussions along the way. “It’s crazy that we’re all mature adults, and it always comes back to poo” – Dan.

Day Done
We’ve just pulled up for the night (and we have internet reception!!). Dinner’s done and Reid has just pulled into camp. He is done for today day. Mammoth effort, especially considering he didn’t sleep last night. He’s getting a quick 30 min massage on the quads and will then be off to bed for a 6.5 hour sleep.

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