Aussie Challenge Day 29

Kyancutta towards Merriton, SA

Let’s do the time warp again!
A slight miscalculation overnight. We knew that daylight saving in SA would end at 3am in the morning, but we weren’t sure if our phones would auto update. As a ‘fool proof’ measure, we set an alarm on current time and then put the phone on ‘flight mode’ so it wouldn’t update… hmm, apparently flight mode can update. We had planned 6 hours sleep, but actually got 7 (bonus!) but it also means Reid will need to ride later into the night. Only one more timezone to cross (central to eastern), maybe we’ll have it sussed by then.

Don’t stress, he’s way more than halfway around Australia. Today as we passed through the town of Kimba, we found the giant galah which (apparently) marks the halfway point across Australia, as the galah flies, between Perth and Sydney. Only fake Reid got to stop there. Real Reid was on a mission! By the end of today, Reid will have riden 364km. It was a mixed day, there were times when the wind was still, times it was at his back and times it hit him in the face (of course). He handled today really well. Reid is gearing up for a bit of climbing over the next few days, but he’s ready, “I’d rather climbing than headwinds anyday”.

Planes, (Road)trains and Automobiles
Time is approaching for another crew shuffle. As much as I am loving being here with the team, and consider it a privilege to support Reid and Eagles Wings in this way, my time on the road is coming to an end. I will be flying out of Adelaide tomorrow night, to be replaced by Lyndell. The fluid nature of our schedule, has meant that Lyndell arrived in Adelaide a bit ahead of time, so she has managed a bit of sight-seeing, before catching a bus to Port Augusta, to be picked up by Flo (welcome Lyndell – fresh blood).

The hour of power
Between 4 and 5pm (ish) today, Reid was off the bike (very rare), but a lot was still achieved. Reid had a roadside haircut and leg massage. He took a phone call interview with a local newspaper back in Queensland and ate dinner #1 (maccas!). At the same time, Henry and Linda from Whyalla (previously from Brisbane) came out to meet us on the side of the highway and Henry did some running repairs on the bike (replaced the cassette and chain, adjusted the gears and replaced the armpads). 75km down the road, "the bike is running well".

Signing out
Unfortunately, I’m outta here. I hope you’ve enjoyed my observations of the Aussie Challenge, I’ve certainly enjoyed having the chance to reflect on the ride each day. Reid, all the best mate – I know you’ve got this! Your determination, perseverance, and pure grit has been just awe inspiring to watch. Sorry for my stuff-ups (you asked for yoghurt, I supplied custard). I’ll see you at the finish line!

I’ll see the rest of you at the Celebration Breakfast!

Day 30 Meriton towards Policeman's Point
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