Aussie Challenge Day Eight


The Stuart Highway



We rise in the cool of the morning and get ready to head deeper into the Northern Territory. As I mentioned flies are now our constant companions. As soon as the sun poked its head over the horizon, the flies swarmed in. We all have our fly nets over our hats and they work a treat. All that is except Graham H. His philosophy is that if you don’t let them annoy you they are not a problem. By mid morning he had swallowed three flies. Flies are his friend. Along the way we are flagged down by a local lady who was on her way to the Three Ways. She had seen Reid ride past and wanted to know what he was doing. She immediately offered a donation and we passed on a brochure so she can continue to track Reid.


The Three Ways

Eventually, the Barkley Highway comes to an end and we turn north onto the Stuart Highway. At the Three-Ways Roadhouse we stop and soak up some air conditioning. Graham and Graham have their first hot coffee in many days and then do the laundry while Dan and Daun follow on with Reid. Lynda gives Flo a clean out.


Renner Springs Desert Roadhouse

We pulled into Renner Springs and were greeted by a lovely lady called Sarah, a backpacker from Ireland who was working at the roadhouse. A special day for Sarah, it was St Patrick's Day. Reid stopped to eat in the cool of the Roadhouse. The crew chatted with Sarah who also left a donation for Eagles Wings. 



We were supposed to stay at Renner Springs the night before, we are half a day behind. Time to look at the map and plan our way to Darwin, maintain Reid’s schedule and get him home on time. The next town is Elliott which would give Reid 360kms for the day. It will then be 413kms to Katherine and then 312kms the next day to Darwin. A shorter ride into Darwin which will allow Reid a chance to have a long nights sleep for the next leg when we head west again. Not every thing is what it seems on a map. Elliott turned out to be a town, not a roadhouse. The caravan park were not taking any bookings, the BP closed early so the owner could go to the pub. Not what we expected. We therefore travelled another 20kms north to a rest area at Newcastle Waters and camped for the night. 380kms today which means only 393kms tomorrow.


Day's End

We were in camp before 9:30pm and had time stop and reflect on the last week. Today is Sunday. We know that our friends and family in our home churches were praying for us today. Our small team gathered together, took time out from our chores, had a worship song and prayed together. We reflected on how God has been keeping us safe as we travelled. We gave honor to our mighty God. The same God who cares for the children of Eagles Wings.


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