Aussie Challenge Day Eighteen

south of Karratha to Minilya Roadhouse   


It is 6:30am and Reid is up. Three hours sleep and he is getting ready to be back on the road again. The bad news is that the headwinds are stronger with gusty crosswinds.The crosswinds blow our car around, what are they doing to Reid on his light weight bike? Reid is frustrated and in pain. His legs are in pain and are fatigued. He is frustrated by the endless road, the endless peddling. Frustrated that he is taking longer to travel fewer kilometers. He asked this morning, is this groundhog day?


What Does Reid Think About?

Reid spends long hours on his bike every day by himself. What does he think about? He has music on his phone that he listens to. Even that is becoming monotonous listening to the same tunes every day. Does anyone want to donate an iTunes card for some new music. He is thinking of downloading an audio book or maybe learning a new language. He has a lot of time for thinking. He asks himself why is he doing this? He knows the answer. He knew from the beginning that it would be hard. He also knows that the children in southern Africa are suffering. They are not able to opt out of their poverty, their hunger, their lack of opportunity. Reid keeps on riding. Reid calculates in his head his daily kilometer averages. He is frustrated by the lack of telephone coverage otherwise he would be able to spend time talking to his family and his friends while riding. The team have pulled into Nanutarra Roadhouse and Daun sets out to cook meals for Reid while he is on the road. The roadhouse is at the 75km mark for today. Reid likes to stop and eat every 75km. He has been trying to calculate his daily averages while he was riding.  When he pulls in he sets Dan our statistician the task to compute the averages. Reid’s legs are tired and he needs to know how far he can ride today. Averages tallied he will be able to make it to the next roadhouse on the map with it’s full camping facilities. Hot showers for everyone.


Graham H

Graham, AKA Hedgy, is the teams unofficial captain. He is also the captain of “Flo” our camper van and mobile HQ. Hedgy is the teller of good jokes and bad jokes. He is Mr Practical. As we fulfill our motto and ‘Go with the Flow’ Graham looks for the solutions. He has a passion for Eagles Wings having visited Ndola in Zambia spending time with the children at the Monkey Fountain campus. Graham’s concerns are both for Reid and the support crew.


Sleep Roster

The team need to maintain their health to be able help Reid. They must remember to eat and they must remember to drink water. Tonight is going to be another late night. Graham H takes Daun and Graham F ahead to the campsite to set up and to go to bed early. The others arrive with Reid at 12:30am. The next morning Daun and Graham F, fully rested, take off with Reid while the others sleep.


Reid arrives in camp at 12:30am. It has been another long day when counted against the kilometers travelled. Another long day tomorrow fighting the wind and chasing the kilometers. Look to your goal Reid. Soon you will be off this never ending highway. You will be able to have a recovery sleep and look forward to the next step of your journey.


The team behind the scene
Aussie Challenge Day Seventeen
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