Aussie Challenge Day Five


on the road . . . . 


We woke at our camp site to see a beautiful sunrise. Not spectacular as sunrises go, yet it conveyed so much promise for a new day. Another discovery that we did not see in the night when we arrived is that we were sitting on a rocky outcrop with a spectacular view. In the cool of the morning off we go.


Close Encounters

Lynda and Graham F followed after Reid this morning. As we head west the roads are long and straight. The further we went west the warmer it became, as high as 40c at one stage. In the cool of the morning the wild life is active. Our guardian angel is looking after us today. While Lynda was driving a very large grey kangaroo hopped in front of the car. The car stopped quickly. The kangaroo stopped. And there we sat with the kangaroo 10cms from the front of the car. After looking both left and right and some indecision, the kangaroo hopped away. Yes Mr Kangaroo, hop away from the car. Thank you Guardian Angel for standing between us.



We are traveling through an area of dinosaurs and fossils. We reached Hughenden and Reid stopped for his break. Lynda was photographed outside Flintstones Roadhouse giving Reid a massage. Lynda decided she wants to be photo’d massaging her way around Australia. In town was a large statue of a dinosaur. More photos and more dinosaurs to come.


The Team Splits

Another team meeting in the back off Flo. We have commitments in Cloncurry this evening and it is unlikely that Reid will make that far. Daun and Graham F head off to Cloncurry in the car while the rest of the team stay with Reid, on the road, in Flo. The roads are long and straight and rough. temperatures as high as 41c. Another hard long day in the saddle for Reid. He powers through these extreme conditions and traveled as far as Julia Creek where they found a good rest area to stay for the night. Not as far as planned, yet his daily averages still have him on target for the world record.


The Curry

Cloncurry is still 400kms away so Daun and Graham are away and arrive in Cloncurry mid afternoon. We are staying with Tracy, Graham’s sister. Reunions all around as Tracy and Daun are good friends from the old days with Scripture Union. Remarkably, Graham only met Daun for the first time three weeks before Reid left. Tonight is to be a presentation at the community centre, run by the Cloncurry Shire Council. Things did not go according to plan. The Lions Club pulled out of providing a sausage sizzle. The Mayor, who was supposed to come and provide a welcome speech, did not show and the towns folk were all at the swimming carnival at the school. The presentation area looked good in their nice new meeting space. A life size cardboard cut out of Reid presided over a couple of tables with merchandise. The projection screen was crisp and clear. Only a couple of people showed. We chatted about Eagles Wings, Reid and Challenge For Change. Watched some short videos, sold two T-shirts, a DVD and a donation. It was a disappointing time, especially for those who organised the event, yet it left more time for family reunions.


Disappointments come. Reid is most likely disappointed that he is not as far ahead as he would like to be yet he powers on with his goal firmly in mind. Disappointment come every day in Zambia. When you are a child living on the street you have no hope and have no vision for your future. Listening to the children talk in the Ubuntu video they crave an education. They want to go to school because they know this can provide a future for them. Our disappointments are small compared to these children.

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