Aussie Challenge Day Four


Ayr to an on the road camp



After a good nights sleep Reid is back on the road. Reid is in pain and his speed is dropping. The tailwind from the last couple of days has given Reid some very good speed averages. So while Reid has slowed he is still making good time, however, he is still in pain in those nether regions that only he can attend to.


Footy Days

Dear Readers, I am writing this blog a couple of days later and the many towns we pass through blend into one. A story from yesterdays blog that was missed. Reid did his apprenticeship in Proserpine and also played footy for the local team. Our next break was of course at the Proserpine football oval. A few memories for Reid. Andy (Big A) is a fellow Challenge For Change rider and a good friend to Reid. As we chatted out thoughts turned to Andy. Reid commented that irrespective of the pain Reid was in, if Big A was here, his love and respect for Reid is so high, he would crash tackle Reid right under the goal posts.


A New Team Member

Back to today. Today we ride into to Townsville and pick up a new team member, Daun. Daun was waiting for us in The Strand. Also a photo opportunity for the Guinness World Record people. We patiently negotiated our way through the streets of Townsville and their many traffic lights, hit the Flinders Highway and turned west. Good quality roads and less traffic. However, now we start to meet the road trains.


The Decision

As Reid left Townsville, his spirits lifted and he was feeling stronger. Earlier in the day he received news of a sizable donation. This put a smile on Reid’s face and a spring in his legs. We reached Charters Towers, had a quick dinner on the side of the road and had a team meeting with Reid. We still had around 250kms to Hughenden. Do we stop here in Charters Towers have good rest and some medical attention? No! We had not traveled far enough and Reid said he would not feel good about it? Ride as far as he can? Reid’s decision was to ride to Hughenden, arrive early in the morning and if he can, go for a swim, have a massage and then back on his bike to Cloncurry, our next stop. In Cloncurry is a soft bed, air conditioning, and a recovery sleep. The sun had set, the roads were quiet and the temperature had dropped. Dan rode with Reid to keep him company. Every plan has options. It was two o'clock in the morning and we found a good rest area and decided to stop for the night and get a couple of hours sleep. Our motto is “go with the flow”. Lets see what tomorrow brings.


Aussie Challenge Day Five
Our gust blogger today is Daun, the newest member ...
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