Aussie Challenge Day Fourteen

west of Halls Creek to The Boab   


We had camped over night in a stopping area on the side of the road so in the morning it was just breakfast and go.



No amenities at our camping area so we head further down the road to find some. Occasionally you find a hidden gem in the bush. Our toilet block was down a side road and across a causeway. The causeway revealed a large billabong on one side and a tumbling creek on the other. An oasis of tranquility on one side and the chaos of the flood strew rocks and bushes on the other. When we later crossed the creek on the main road, the hight of the bridge revealed the enormity of how mighty this river becomes when it is in full flood. We are treated to some more amazing scenery as we drive through the morning. Plenty of opportunities to stop and take photographs. These conditions soon change as we reach the flat lands which are flat and featureless. They remind me of North West Queensland. The big difference is that there is a lot more rain in Northern Australia so the flat lands are green with low lying shrubs.



This is cattle country. With such a vast area there is the potential to graze a lot of cattle. The signs on the roadside say to watch for stray cattle. As we drive we see cows in their twos and threes sitting on the side of the road. Occasionally they will get up and wander over to the other side of the road. A North West Australian cow has no agenda and takes her time.


Grass Fire

A spectacular view greeted us when we came across a grass fire. Hundreds of miles from nowhere there is no fire control, it just burns. There are no trees to place anyone in danger as we drove and rode through. The bright orange flames contrasted against the blue sky. It  was amazing to see hundreds of Black Kites circling around the flames. Catching the thermal updrafts created by the flames and watching for the small animals and lizards escaping from the fire to become their next meal.


Fitzroy Crossing

Our first glimpse of civilization for some time. The usual restocking the van, laundry and when contact with humanity is limited, a shower. Flo only holds 100 liters of water so only enough water for Reid to shower at the end of his long day. Bush camping is fine, however, with long days on the road in 40c heat, we grab these niceties when we can. The  tourist information on our map tell us that in full flood the Fitzroy River can become 15km wide. That would take Reid 40 minutes to ride across on his bike.


The Boab

We plot our campsite tonight on the map to rest area called The Boab. Strange name. We pull into camp around 11pm and find the biggest boab tree you have ever sen growing in the centre of the campsite. The humidity has risen again so we crank up the generator for the first time so that we can turn on the air conditioner in Flo. Reid and half the crew sleep in cool bliss while the others sweat it out under the branches of The Boab.

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