Day One

Brisbane to Gin Gin


An early morning start to the ride of a lifetime and Reid was with friends from Victoria Point, who rode with him as far as the city. A happy send off. There was one more happy surprise for Reid.  His first stop was at the 75km mark, there waiting for him was his wife and young daughter with a sign that said “Go Daddy”. Reid’s family followed him for the next 70kms before saying goodbye. One happy Reid with a big smile on his face.


The Road Crew

Let me introduce the team that are supporting Reid for the first leg. Others will drop into the team while others drop out as the ride progresses. Introductions along the way. First I’ll introduce you to Flo. Flo's the campervan, named after our catch phrase for this event, “Go with the flow”. Flo is also known as 'the Mothership', 'Base Station', the hub of everything that is Aussie Challenge. Crewing Flo is Graham H at the wheel, Lynda and Daun (who will be joining us in Townsville). On the road with Reid is Dan and Graham F who are making sure he is fed, hydrated and is given any other whim that takes his fancy. This is the crew that will take him as far as Perth. Work commitments will send some people home at Perth when others will slot into take their place.


Chance Meetings

Occasionally the Crew stop for coffee and hold planning meetings in the back of Flo. Stopped for coffee near at a roadhouse near Maryborough when we met Gary and his wife. Gary looked after the road crew for Dave Alley (the existing record holder for the fastest ride around Australia). We met Dave at Reid’s send off BBQ on Saturday night.


Tailwinds of Victory

After watching the Headwinds Of Poverty documentary the week before Reid left, we were able to celebrate a tailwind for most of the ride today. It was such a boost, that Reid made it into Gin Gin 90 minutes earlier than expected. It was still daylight when he pulled in, to be cheered in by our hosts for the evening, the Lions Club of Gin Gin.  The Lions provided a wonderful BBQ dinner. They were very patient waiting while Reid had a massage. We ate together and then The Lions presented a generous donation.


We arrived in Gin Gin early. Advantage Day One. This means early to bed as we will be up tomorrow at 2:00am ready to hit the road at 3:00am.