Aussie Challenge Day Seven

Still on The Barkley Highway......


 Another early rise and we keep heading west. Reid just wants to get out of Queensland. Once we cross the state border, a milestone can be crossed off.


The Queensland/Northern Territory Border

We reach Camooweal while it is still early. Close to the border and the last town for many hundreds of kilometers. Here we take on fuel and water and stock up on drinks and other comforts. Graham H has a chat with a passing truck driver to find out about the road ahead and the availability of stopping areas. Another first, we (that is Graham H) empty the waste container from Flo’s ensuite. (Say no more). Another 36km and we cross the border. A quick photo as we pass through and we keep heading west. Long straight roads.


The Food Diary of Reid Anderton

16+ hours a day riding a bike consumes a lot of calories. Here is a typical day for Reid:

Breakfast: 6 Weetbix & Milk, 2 glasses of orange juice

06:54 -  1 sandwich, 2 pieces of cheesecake, ice coffee

08:43 -  1/2 bowl chicken and vegetable noodles, 1 banana, iced coffee

10:47 -  1 sandwich, 1 snickers, iced coffee

12:21 -  1 banana, 1 can of coke, 1 Anzac biscuit

13:38 -  1 Anzac biscuit, 1 banana, ice coffee, Gatorade

15:23 -  1 large bowl beef and vegetable noodles, ice coffee

17:06 -  1 banana, 1/2 ice coffee 2 Anzac biscuits

18:28 -  1 Picnic bar, 1/2 ice coffee

19:58 -  1 Gatorade, 2 Anzac biscuits, 1 banana

21:58 -  8 pieces of KFC, 1 magnesium drink, 1 protein drink, 2 bottles of water

PLUS one bottle of water for every 15km.


Empathy Ride

Challenge For Change riders and friends of Reid are holding an empathy ride back home. The team of riders are attempting to do their own 400km ride. Laps of the Holden testing track and numerous trips to the coast. Thank your for your support of Reid with this effort. Three riders made the whole 400km. The Empathy Team sent video updates on Facebook. A great incentive for Reid.



The Barkley Homestead

As the sun sets we reach the Barkley Homestead and Roadhouse. A small oasis in the middle of nowhere. Not far enough for us to stop for the night yet a good place to revive. Reid stops for a meal and the crew have a shower and a bit of shopping. What’s on the list? Fly nets to go over our hats. 

Yes there are lots & lots & lots of flies.


Ride on into the night. We find another quiet rest area on the side if the road and set up camp. End of week one. Look out Australia, here comes Reid Anderton.


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