Aussie Challenge Day Six


The Barkley Highway



Reid is off on his bike. It is breakfast time and Reid is away.



The team in Flo break camp. The early morning ritual. But when it is time to go, the car battery is dead. Too much reliance overnight on lights, water and refrigeration has drained the battery. A quick call to the team in Cloncurry gets them quickly packed and on the road, back to meet Reid. By the time team Cloncurry has bought fuel they received another phone call to say a friendly truck driver had helped start Flo and they were back on the road. Team Cloncurry stayed in Cloncurry, washing, cooking, shopping etc.


School kids.

Our two teams unite back in Cloncurry. Graham’s sister arranges for the school children to wave Reid on as he passes through town. A quick stop to say hello and then he is back on the road, next stop Mt Isa. Graham F and Daun now take over supporting Reid while the rest of the team take a break. Hot showers, lunch and a rest in air conditioned comfort.



Soon the team is one again. Reid’s discomfort has returned and he is in a lot if pain. We do all we can to ease him. Antiseptic, analgesic, somebody suggested cornflour and a recommendation of wearing two pairs of knicks.


New Friends

We reach Mt Isa just as the sun is setting. Reid requires a high calorie intake so we find ourselves in KFC. The added bonus is that the shop is air conditioned. Here we meet Ash and Laura who are on the last leg of an epic bike ride. They started in London fourteen months ago are on the home stretch to the Sunshine Coast. What makes this an epic is that it is just the two of them, carrying all their own luggage, on a tandem bike. They are due home the day before Reid is due back. We hope to catch up with them again, when we arrive home.


Another few hours riding in the cool of the night. Once we are past Mt Isa the amount of traffic on the road drops off. We find a roadside rest area and pull up stumps around 10:30pm. Not quite the 400kms today, but a massive effort for man in pain on such a hot day. Good night Reid, sleep well and renew your energy for tomorrow.

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