Aussie Challenge Day Thirteen

Kununurra to west of Halls Creek   


The Kimberley

Today we head into the Kimberley. We are not heading deep into the Kimberley. That would be nice. We are on the main road west that skirts around the edge. Already we are seeing a change on the scenery. We drive out of town and cross a river with a beautiful lagoon. A cool oasis to this hot weather. Oh to be punting on one of the hire boats, dangling out toes in the cool water. Daun and Dan are with Reid this morning, the others go shopping. There is a Coles store in Kununurra. Thank you to Coles for their sponsorship. This allows us to shop for fresh food and milk. Just off of the main highway was a servo that could set the benchmark for all servos. Laundry out the back. Breakfast and coffee while the washing is done. They have there own ice works and we bought a 10kg bag of ice. We didn’t use the bakery as we did not need bread. Oh yes, they also sell fuel.



We are all finding our niches on the team. Daun has become the unofficial team cook. Daun cooks Reid’s meals for the day each morning. She cooks the teams diner each evening. We all chip and help. Daun does a great effort with the cramped space in the back of Flo and the poorly designed cook top. Flo may be a six berth camper, however, she does not have the facility to cook for six people. We have had mexican meals the last couple of days. Everyone loves a good cook.


Team Spirit

Our team is in good spirit. We are physically tired, that is to be expected. We are focused on Reid so our emotional investment is with Reid. While we are tired we can grab a respite in the cars, catching a nap, cooling off in the air conditioning. Unfortunately this is not for Reid. We are missing our families. Thank you to our family at home for letting us all come on this trip. You too are part of this history making adventure. Our next goal is the west coast of Australia where we will have telecommunication access, contact with our family and some cooler weather. The team members who are Testra customers do have pockets of coverage form time to time and take advantage of it when they can. Facebook gets an immediate hit with the photos and comments that have been stored while off line. We are spiritually and emotionally strong. 



We pull into Warmun and Daun and Lynda swap so that Daun can cook some fried rice for Reid. We find a nice big shady tree to park under as we know we will be here for a while. Graham F shows Daun a new way to cook rice that frees the kitchen for other tasks. Graham learnt this from his son-in-law when he joined his family. Cameron’s contribution to Challenge For Change.


Halls Creek

We stop in Halls Creek and cook our own dinner. We have a refreshing shower at the servo. Halls Creek was to be our overnight stop. We do not have any commitments with this stop so we push on another 50km. This will put Reid’s day over the 400km. A good manageable total to keep Reid on track. We once again camp out under the stars with the glorious night skies and cool night time breeze.


Warmun and Halls Creek are towns with a large indigenous population. It is Friday afternoon. School is out for the weekend and the indigenous kids are hanging out at the servo ready to kick back for the weekend. We see these kids and think about the children in Zambia. School is out for the weekend for those lucky enough to go to school. There are many more that are in extreme poverty that would love to go to school and break out of this cycle of poverty which would make a difference for themselves and their future families. Reid is struggling at times in this ride from pain and physical exhaustion. He is receiving a lot of focus from both the media and social media. The name of Eagles Wings is being promoted. What makes it worthwhile for Reid as he forges ahead is when he hears of funds raised and donations made to help give the children in Zambia a future. It is this that helps him stay focused and his eye on the goal. He does not just want interest in his ride. He would like people to donate. If you believe in what Reid is doing. If you feel empowered by his determination in these extreme conditions then please consider donating to Eagles Wings. Follow the links on this webpage and donate on line. If you are already contributing using the Simplicity Boxes, please send Reid a message on Facebook (Eagles Wings page), tell him what you are doing and how much you have saved for Eagles Wings as you simplify your life. This will lift his spirit. Likewise, if you have made a donation, tell Reid. Your generosity will boost him along. This is the reason Reid is riding. This is why we as a team are with him. To see children in southern Africa rescued from poverty. Rescued from a life on the streets of the cities. Be given an opportunity to change their lives.


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