Aussie Challenge Day Three


Waverley Creek to Ayr


An early start saw Reid back on the road, heading north on the Bruce Highway. A busy road with a lot of cars, trucks, work vehicles and tourists towing caravans.  Keep safe Reid.


Ground Crew on the Road

Back at camp our crew started to break camp. Today Lynda and Dan followed Reid while Graham and Graham took care of camp and other logistics. Our duties today are to clean up the camp before we leave, do some shopping and set up camp in Ayr.  Graham and Graham met up with Dan and Lynda in Sarina where Reid had picked up a head of speed coming down the hill and sailed on straight past us. Back in the cars to chase him down. We found him a nice grassy spot under some palm trees for Reid to take a break and refuel.


In Search of the Elusive Cream

The point where Reid’s body meets the saddle of his bike received a lot of pressure. His bike nicks have a lot of padding. In addition there are liberal amounts of cream applied. Not all brands of chamois cream are the same. There are good creams and not so good creams. Reid had used some not so good cream and without that protection, things became painful. The good cream was running low so off Graham and Graham go scouring the bike shops of Mackay looking for chamois cream. None to be found. One shop said that there are no current supplies in Australia. Next we have Daun in Townsville searching bike shops and Tiffany in Brisbane searching the internet looking for some relief for Reid.


A Warm Welcome

Our hosts tonight are the Lions Club of Ayr. We met them at their club shed in the showgrounds. Graham and Graham arrived just on dinner time so we missed out on the laundromat so some improvised hand washing and a hunk of rope found at the back of the shed for a washing line. A good evening with the Lions sharing about Eagles Wings. The Lions purchased eight Headwinds Of Poverty DVDs. Their intention is two fold. The money from the purchase goes to Eagles Wings and the Lions intend distributing the DVDs within the community, to the local library and to some of the schools in the area.


A Late Arrival

Reid arrived in Ayr around 10:00pm. For our readers who may have crossed the bridge over the Burdekin River between Home Hill and Ayr, Reid rode across safely. The Lions had already went home when Reid arrived, however, some came back the next morning to meet Reid and see him off. Reid was also interviewed by a reporter from the local newspaper. The reporter also interviewed the people from Lions to ask why they were getting involved. This gives the big picture, it is not about Reid breaking a world record. It is about telling people about the vulnerable children in Zambia.

Our gust blogger today is Daun, the newest member ...
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