Aussie Challenge Day Two

Day Two

Gin Gin to Waverley Creek (near St Laurence)


As promised Day Two started early.  Up at 2:00am, breakfast, a warm up and on the road by 2:50am. Many kilometers to go. Today is the first of Reid’s big rides. He will be riding 450kms today and will be backing it up tomorrow with another 450kms. If you have read Reid’s blog you will know that Reid wants to get a few big days under his wheels in the first week. This will help get both his body and his mind used to the long days he has on the road.


Lighting the Way

Most days Reid starts his ride in the dark and ends in the dark. Apart from the regulation flashing red light at the back, Reid has two very powerful headlamps on his bike. These are high intensity lights with their own power system. This is important for being seen and seeing what is up ahead on the road. The biggest hazard at dawn and dusk are kangaroos that like to sit on the road.  


Early to Rise and Sleepy Eyes

The ground crew do not always get to go to bed at the same time as Reid. We all got up with Reid a 2:00am. Made his breakfast, gave him a massage and waved him away. After our breakfast, Dan and Graham F followed on and drove ahead to Reid’s first food and water stop. It was still dark so Dan and Graham closed their eyes for a quick nap before Reid came along. Lynda and Graham H stayed back at the camp site with Flo. Washing up, cleaning and getting ready for the long day on the road. Once they hit the road is was shopping for the day’s supplies and off to the laundromat. Graham and Lynda were able to catch up with Dan and Graham in time to have lunch together.


The Perfect Camp Site

No one to host us tonight as we are camping on the side off the road away from any towns. North of Marlborough and just south of St Lawrence is the Waverley Creek Rest Area. A road side rest area that allows over night camping. Graham and Lynda scouted it out and it was perfect for our needs. Main Roads have recently refurbished the site and it was well appointed with amenities, sealed roads and grassy camp sites.  It is 5 kilometers short of todays total. Sorry Reid, you will need to do an extra 5kms tomorrow. However, you will thank us for a comfortable nights rest. Reid arrives in camp at 7:30pm. A hot shower (Flo has her own shower) and a massage. Dinner and in bed by 9:30pm ready for tomorrow.

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