Natasha Johnson

Becoming Launnies.....

Today we drove from Hobart to Launceston via the Nile, Perth, Lewisham and Cleveland, which left Graham and I wondering where on earth we were! We stopped at a lovely coffee shop in Campbelltown. Apparently it's not en route for cyclists but Graham seems to think that it's not too far out of the way for the support crew.....

At 10am we met Pastor Jeff McKinnon and the folks at City Baptist Church, who are kindly putting during the ride's Launceston stopover. Great people, great place, and we've roped Nigel in for a day's cycling between Launceston and Wilmot. Plenty of extreme sleeping options for Big A.

This afternoon we met with John and Janelle Richardson, who own a great chocolate cafe just outside of Launceston. John and Janelle are keen to help us out - John's boss, if you're reading this, please let him join us and Janelle, thanks in advance! Great to have you both on board.

A few things have struck us about Tassie so far; the roads are good quality, traffic is minimal and the drivers are exceptionally tolerant of cyclists!

Tomorrow we'll get a bit of an idea about the route, as we drive Swansea to St Helens and back to Launceston. Getting pumped for seven days of hill climbing, leg slogging, relationship building, pain enduring goodness! Poverty.....let's kick it!


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