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Challenge for Change...Te Anau

"The strength of the team is each member.  The strength of each member is the team".  Phil Jackson.

Here we are in Te Anau.  The last three days we have had little or no internet, so apologies for no blog.  

Wanaka to Queenstown.  Conditions were glorious as the team set off from Queenstown.  Excitement was high as riders anticipated one of the highlights of the trip, the ascent of Crown Range .Crown Range Road is the highest main road in New Zealand reaching a height of 1121 metres . That means a lot of climbing and a very scary, steep descent down winding roads with a lot of campervan traffic.  We know sometimes riders have to walk their bike up a very steep ascent .  This time some dismounted on the way down as it was the safest way.  

The summit of the climb was a time to celebrate the team's achievement, with photos and even pom-poms and cheerleaders .  If I said the pom-poms were hot pink some people might work out who was behind this!

The shorter day in distance meant the team arrived in Queenstown to go out for lunch and some sightseeing.  Some headed for lattes but others headed for the luge.  As if they hadn't had enough excitement in their day .

Our accommodation in Queenstown overlooked the lake.  Prime views and a spacious Christian camp which allowed us to enjoy the group without having to share with other backpackers.

Queenstown to Invercargill.  This was new territory for everyone as this leg was not included in the previous ride in New Zealand .  A pleasant and picturesque ride.   Steep climbs, ocean roads-  heading  to the southernmost point of NZ.  As usual, support crew went ahead to check out the accommodation and kitchen, and shop and cook .  We found our Hostel....a very large Hostel in the Main Street of Invercargill.  The advertised "very large" kitchen would barely store our food boxes.  There was no secure overnight parking for the bikes, and no parking for the big bus and trailer until after 6.00pm. What to do?

We were firmly reminded that God goes before us and prepares the way.  One of the crew contacted their cousin to see if their church had a kitchen we could use to cook.  Turned out they had a kitchen, dining room and church large enough to store bikes .  More importantly their pastor was prepared to let us use it for free .  It wasn't an easy solution...especially for the riders....but it really helped.  We are grateful to the Harvestfield Church for their generosity.

Bed was welcome, although it was another interrupted sleep for some as the hostel had overbooked and they came door knocking to move people at around 10.00 pm.  A good chance for people to display God's love and patience when under pressure!

Team 27 is due to arrive here in Te Anau in a few minutes .  Team 20 is still a few hours out. The riders took the long way here to make up the 1200 kms and also to try to see sea lions .  We will report on their success later.

Everyone is tired and stretched. But each of our teams has strengthened.  Each member is valued and supported .  Individuals are achieving far imore than they dreamed possible because of the strength gained from their team .  They will be changed forever as they have a new strength and courage .  They will know that they can dream, plan, prepare and succeed.

Our dream is that the children of Eagles Wings in Zambia will also gain this inner strength through their learning programs.  We want them to dream big and bring huge change to the community of Zambia, and to the lives of their family members.  Will you join with us in supporting them?









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