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Clinic Day Eight


It is Monday morning and all of a sudden we realise we have only one week to go. Plans for this week include a community health seminar on Wednesday, plus we have to pack up the clinic on Friday afternoon. We want to see as many patients in need as we can in the time that is left. Today we continued to see many sick people. With Chipo gone Alex is doubling both on the door and helping on the triage desk. Darryl is seeing quite few patients returning for a review. He is praising God to see so many wounds that are healing.

On Sunday most of us went again to the Grace and Truth Baptist Church. It is just the other side of the old railway embankment, a five minute walk from our accommodation. Again, the singing was wonderful. It was Steve’s first time to the church and he thought there was a competition between the ladies choir and the youth choir. He was wrong, it was two groups of people praising god with their voices in song. There are no musical instruments, just voice and multiple part harmonies. I noticed the gentleman who was sitting in front of me had a pair of reading glasses from the clinic. It was a joy to see him able to read his bible. Later when one off the choir ladies led everyone in responsive singing, while everyone was clapping in time to the song, this older gentleman was dancing in his place. What a happy day. Pastor David’s sermon was inspirational and fitted neatly in with our devotions this morning. He exhorted us to step out of our comfort zone and do the job that God has given us. He said “No one can do everything but everyone can do something.” Find the gift or the job God has given you and do it well.

Maureen’s Storey

Part of Maureen’s story has already been told by Steve (see Clinic Day Four). Maureen says that they always wanted to do some work with people in need and thought it would be somewhere in Asia. It was when they met Ba Lackson and Ba James last year that they knew it would be in Zambia. Maureen works in the health care industry as an administrator and is a registered nurse. She has been helping Barbara train some of the ladies in the community in midwifery skills. Maureen has come to Zambia with no expectations. She knew what she was coming to. However, she believes that she is coming away with more than she has given. The people are so appreciative of the help we are offering. The highlight of her trip so far is something simple. She was massaging an older lady’s arthritic knee and applied a bandage. The relief from the pain produced a big beaming smile. The smile said everything for Maureen.

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