Clinic Day Eleven


The second last day for the clinic. Actually it is the last proper day for the clinic as tomorrow we will see returning patients and then at lunch time we will close the doors so that we can pack up the clinic. The word of us leaving must have been passed around as today was crazy busy. We took our last bus full of patients to the two hospitals and picked up our last order from the pharmacy. We had one lady that was so sick, Darryl had to accompany her to the hospital. We did remember to pick Darryl up on our way home. A few days ago a man was in the clinic unwell. We referred him to the hospital and today he returned to say he was feeling so much better and to say thank you. We are starting to plan for the pack up. I was going to say wind down, however that is not true as we have been going flat out. We know tomorrow there will be a lot of people waiting for us. We know it is going to be hard to turn people away.

Tonight we have been writing thank you letters to all the people who have been helping us. In addition to the nurses and helpers mentioned previously, we have two of the high school girls and an ex student helping as translators. They all would like to be nurses, in fact one of them has the potential to be a doctor and is now setting her sights on a career in medicine. She graduates from Eagles Wings school this year. Today we said goodbye and thank you to the team of ladies from the community that have been looking after the health expo. It has been a great success.

Tomorrow is going to be a full day. We will be busy. We will be emotional as we say good bye to our friends. We will have to put everything away and return our clinic to a classroom. Off to bed, get a good nights sleep ready for the big day tomorrow.

Graham’s Story

There is one last team member to profile, me. I am a non medical person on a medical team. At first I did not know what my job would be. The first day here I felt like a fish out of water. However, I soon settled into my routine doing admin work. I also drive into Ndola everyday, some times twice a day. I have learnt to operate on Zambian time. Remember, Ba Daniel said it is very elastic. So why am I here. I have been involved with Eagles Wings for about six years through Challenge For Change. I first met Ba Lackson five years ago. On the first day I met him, by morning tea he had already invited me to Zambia and here I am. Last year when Ba Lackson was traveling with Challenge For Change, he talked to us every day. He described clearly what it is like living in poverty in Zambia and in his home neighbourhood. I am here because I want to visit my friend Ba Lackson on his home soil. I am here to contribute what I can in the short time of my visit. I want to be able to go home and tell my friends about the struggles, the hardship, the hunger of these people living in poverty and about the work that Eagles Wings is doing to raise a new generation, who can rise above their poverty, through education. As it says on the EW website, “to reach their God given potential”. The relationship that Ba Lackson has with his community goes beyond Eagles Wings. He is always looking for ways to improve peoples lives. I am privileged to call him my friend.

Kosciuszko Challenge 2015
Clinic Day Ten

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