Clinic Day Five


Wednesday, somebody said hump day but how can you have a hump day when you are serving the community around Eagles Wings school. Hump day is looking forward to the weekend. We are only here for two weeks, so little time to serve this community.

Our friend Alex is looking after the door to the clinic, guiding the people who are waiting into the clinic to be seen by the medical team. Alex is an elder in his church and cares for his community. He wants to make sure nobody is missed. Chipo sits on the triage desk with Rachel, recording patient details. We also have several Zambian nurses helping look after the patients; Vwtiwe, Dorothy, Rita and Joanna. James’s wife Gift is also helping as a translator.

There are two hospitals in Ndola, the Ndola General Hospital and the Arthur Davison Children’s Hospital. Sometimes our patients requires specialist help and we have to refer them to the hospital. This morning we arranged for the MMM bus that out team has been using, to do a run out to the two hospitals with some of our patients. As we did not know how long each one would be we gave them bus fare to help them return home.

Our days seem to be getting longer as we want to make sure the last patient is seen. Tired as we are we start our walk home and are swamped by the local children who want to walk with us. At the end of the road we say goodbye the the children, one kilometre to go, including the creek crossing. Not long before our dinner. We have inconsistent electricity supply with load shedding for several hours at a time as well as brownouts. As a result we have obtained a brazier and are cooking over coal, not hotbeads or charcoal, but the old fashioned coal. It all adds to the Zambian adventure.

Katherine’s Story

Katherine is a registered nurse and is the youngest member of our team. It has been two years since she has graduated and now works as a community nurse. Katherine says that coming to Zambia is everything she expected plus more. It is exactly as her parents have described it from their previous visits. Julie is very proud to have Katherine here with her on team. She does not necessarily say it in words, you can see it in her eyes when she introduces Katherine. Katherine loves the people and their simple lifestyle. This trip is important to Katherine as part of her father’s legacy. You can tell by the dedication and commitment she has for her patients.

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