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Clinic Day Four

Another busy day for the medical team. Today two of our workers are in bed unwell. Dr Narelle says “do not wash your toothbrush under the tap, use bottled water.” Even with two staff down we still saw another 180 patients. Another busy and fulfilling day. The ailments range form aches and pains that can be treated with analgesics up to some seriously ill people. Darryl conducted about eight malaria test and fortunately all were negative.

Steve, Maureen and Kathy joined the team on Sunday. We collected them from the airport after church. Unfortunately Steve and Maureen's bags were not on the aeroplane. Today we ventured out to the airport and after filling in forms and checking the baggage on the latest flight, all four bags were found. Steve was very happy and called Maureen who was busy working in the clinic to give her the good news. Ben, who came with us, was also very happy. In Steve’s suitcase was a bunch of tools for Ben, including a brand new circular saw.

Steve’s Story

Steve is our jack of all trades. He is helping Ben with some of the maintenance work. It was through Steve that the money for the new pump was raised. It is therefore Steve’s job to see that the pump gets installed. Steve said that if he did not get that job completed he would not be allowed to go home. With a bit of bargaining, they were able to buy a pump and with the change, buy all the fittings and a new water tank to go with the pump. Steve has been trained in electrical work. He has also been involved with manufacturing and fabrication. Currently he is a salesman with the photography business he runs that deals with real estate media promotions.

Some years ago Steve attended a fund raising event by some people he knew that were promoting Eagles Wings. Steve first encounter. Wind the clock forward to last year when Lackson and James were visiting Australia. Steve is invited to his neighbours birthday party. Lackson and James were also invited as were Barbara and Narelle. Steve listened to Lackson give a talk that caught his attention. Later he is talking to Barbara and Narelle who told him about the medical team. They told him that the team needed a handyman and a midwife. Steve said hello, I am a handyman and this is my wife Maureen who is a midwife. Steve and Maureen joined the team.

Now that Steve is here on the ground in Ndola, he looks around and see’s the great need. He wants to fix it all, such a great task. We drive the streets of Ndola and there are people everywhere, people without much, looking for handouts or trying to earn a living. Then he see’s the rich business men driving there expensive cars. Steve wants to start knocking on their doors looking for donations to help these people in need, especially, the children of Eagles Wings and the many projects that will help educate and feed them. Back at the school you look out and often see a crowd of children around Steve. Steve has a laconic sense of humour and sometimes the children do not understand hat he is saying. In our induction Daniel was telling us that Zambians do not understand Australian humour. Daniel also told us about Zambian’s sense of time, In Zambia time can be elastic. Steve is trying very hard to understand elastic time wanting to get on with the job. Zambia is slowing Steve down and developing his love for the people and for the children of Eagles Wings.

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