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Clinic Day Nine


Another bus run to the hospitals with patients that have been referred there. This time we also had to refer a patient to an ophthalmologist. We had to look up the address on Google Maps to find it. Mean while there was a police checkpoint, checking drivers licences. Ivan from MMM was driving the bus. The policeman had never seen an Australian / Tasmanian drivers licence before. Once Ivan explained what it was he said “OK”. However, the police checkpoint was positioned such that it was blocking our turn so we had to drive around the block. Pot hole management is not a high priority in Zambia but we made it in the end.

Power shedding continues in Ndola. We woke without power and it stayed off until just before lunch. The clinic continues to be busy ranging from minor scrapes and ailments through to some very sick people. At the close of day on Friday we had seen over 1000 patients. Health education is a very important aspect of this years clinic. Barbara has been preparing for this all week and has been busy every day. We have a big presentation tomorrow afternoon and we have involved some of the school children. We will close the clinic for this time as we want as many people as possible to come and participate. The presentation regarding nutrition involves the school drama group and a rubber chicken. There will also be a first aid demonstration. I’ll let you know all about this tomorrow.

Dr Kathy’s Story.

Kathy comes form Pennsylvania in the USA and charms us with her American accent. She has been living in Australia for ten years and calls Australia home. While in the USA she worked as an ambulance officer. After she moved to Australia she studied medicine at the University of Queensland becoming a doctor. Kathy works with Geena’s husband, Paul. Paul told Kathy all about the trip and said she should go. After consideration and with Paul’s words in mind Kathy said yes. Kathy is the newest member of the team, only joining us a few weeks before we left. Kathy is a skilled doctor and is changing peoples lives. However, Kathy says it is the small things that make a difference, such as providing ibuprofen for pain relief - something that would normally be denied to these people because of their poverty. Before joining the team, Kathy did not know any of us. She says the thing that impresses her the most is the way this team acts together and that she has been accepted so readily. Kathy arrived with Steve and Maureen at the end of our first week. When she arrived, Steve had already given her the nickname of The Professor. I don’t know why, however, the name has stuck.

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