Friday has come and our first week of the community clinic is over. Today is just as busy as ever. We have arranged another bus to take patients to the hospital, however, before the day starts we are arranging a lift for one lady who has an early appointment at the hospital. Later, after lunch we call a taxi for a very sick baby who urgently needs to go to the children’s hospital. A highlight today for Rachel is two sets of twin babies. At the triage desk Rachel gets to hold all the babies as she weighs them before they see a doctor or nurse. Today we say goodbye to Chipo as he has to return to work in Lusaka. Chipo enjoyed his week and a half with us. He said it was good stress relief from his job and a blessing to be able to serve the community.

Steve has spent the whole day working in the toilets. Ben and Corey have abandoned him. He has cleaned and repaired every toilet in the school. We see him marching in with a toolkit in one hand and spray bottle of disinfectant in the other. Talking of marching, it is interesting to look out the window and see Steve marching across the paddock with half a dozen children following him.

So where are Ben and Corey? Along with their wives Niccy and Kirsten they have started a Youth Group or Kids Club and their first meeting was today after school. We are in the clinic and all of the sudden we hear children screaming. We look out the window and see an energetic game of Red Rover. There right in the middle is Ba James. About sixty kids turned up for the Kids Club.

Today is Friday so we are off for some R&R for the weekend. Tomorrow we are joining the team from MMM to go to Nsobe, a small game park. Sunday is Church. We will go again to Grace and Truth, however, Darryl and Geena has been invited to join Vutiwe at her church. No blogs over the weekend so I’ll report anything interesting on Monday.