Clinic Day Six

We woke up today with no power and no water. What, no tea/coffee with our breakfast? Darryl saved the day by re-igniting the coals in the brazier and boiled a pot of water (bottled water).

Steve left early today to hook up with the boys. We arrive to see Steve bent over the bonnet of the dying Eagles Wings vehicle. He starts tweaking and the next moment we see the biggest black cloud coming out of the exhaust. Today is also Steve’s happy day. We see the new tank being filled with water from the new pump and Steve chasing some of the children with the hose. Well done Steve, Ben and Corey.

We continue to see lots of sick people including a lot of babies. Two years ago Darryl had to dress a fifteen year old wound. He was pleased to see the woman come back today and to see the improvement in the wound. It still a serious wound, however, treatment she has received and the improvement of the wound means that this woman did not have to have her foot amputated. James and Gifts young daughter came to visit the clinic after school today. Shem came to wait for her mother.  While waiting she became Julie's assistant, helping with the pharmacy labels.

Rachel’s Story

This is Rachel’s first trip to Africa, however, she has been on ministry trips before to Thailand. Rachel says his is so much different. Both Rachel’s parents were born in Africa so she feels a connection. Rachel is a Church administrator, however she did train as an early childhood nurse many years ago. She feels her role as a grandmother gives her more qualifications when looking after the babies. Rachel is enjoying her time on the triage desk, she enjoys being part of a team. Rachel also helped test vision and give out the glasses that were donated to Eagles Wings. This is something that has touched Rachel's heart. She shares the joy of each person who walks out even being able to see better or now being able to read again. Why did Rachel join the team? It is because of the value she sees in the work of Eagles Wings.

Clinic Day Seven
Clinic Day Five

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