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Clinic Day Ten


The day has arrived. The day that Barbara has been planning for. The day of the community health presentation. Barbara has been working with the school Drama Club on a play about good nutrition and Darryl has been working with some older students, who have had first aid training, on a first aid demonstration. At two o’clock, (14hours as the Zambians say) we close the clinic and head out to the lawn outside the primary school. The students have set out chairs and there are over a hundred people from the community already seated. 

The play showed a family at home preparing the evening meal. They said that if you eat nshima (maize meal), vegetables and chicken you will be healthy and strong and can go to work and earn money. Even though chicken is expensive, it is good for you. Junky food is cheap and tastes good, however it will make you sick and you will miss days from work and not earn any money. The students dressed up as the three different foods, others dressed up as heart disease, diabetes and cancer, and one as aches and pains. After the play the students sang a song that they wrote themselves. 

The first aid demonstration was done solely by the students with both re-enactment and a detailed description. I cannot comment on what was said as it was all done in Bemba, the local language. Darryl did not have take part, he stood to the side with a big smile on his face. Well done students.

After all was finished Ba James asked if there was any questions and quite a few people asked questions and made comments. A good response to the hard work of the students and promoting healthy lifestyles.

Narelle’s Story

Narelle is a doctor. and our team leader. She has been coming to Eagles Wings with a medical team for eight years and has a deep love for the people here. You can see it her eyes and her voice as she says good morning to the people she meets. It was Narelle who shared the vision of Eagles Wings at our church after her first visit. We now see people engaged in both support at home and the team on the ground here today.

I asked Narelle what changes she seen over the years. She says with a big smile “seeing a couple of Ba Lackson’s boys grow into young men”. When Narelle first came there were a lot of children with swollen bellies full of intestinal worms. She no longer sees that. She has also noticed that the general health of the people has improved over the years, not something she is claiming credit for but a sign of overall improvements in health standards. While Narelle values the contribution the medical team provides, she knows that this is only a small part of the work of Eagles Wings.

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