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Clinic Day Three

Our first day of the clinic for the community. We woke this morning full of expectation and the day did not disappoint. Over 180 patients were seen and a lot of contact with the community. One of our success stories is that Barbara had the vision of extending the health education by way of a mini expo. She recruited the local ladies that she was teaching on the last visit. At first they were hesitant not knowing what was involved. Barbara has set up a series of static displays along the veranda where people queue. The ladies grasped the concept with enthusiasm, showing the community people the steps they can take to maintain good health. The community people were able to take home pamphlets to remind them of the things they have learned.

A couple of builders from Australia are visiting Eagles Wings for a few months to help with building and maintenance. Ben from Brisbane and Corey from Sydney. Steve has joined their team. Today they spent some time in town looking for a new pump. The money was kindly donated to buy the pump. They hope to have it installed and up and running in the next couple of days.

We are continuing to hand out glasses. Rachel and I are a little bit tested as we are not experts (thank you Alex for your patience with our training session). We have run out of long distance glasses and will soon run out of the reading glasses. The fact that we have run out is good news as it means that there are more people now with better vision.

We went to church on Sunday morning. The seats may have been hard and our backs were sore, however, the welcome we received and the beautiful singing made up for it. As in any church there was an usher who helped everyone to their seats. Men on one side of the church and ladies on the other. After the service the usher returned and guided everyone outside, row by row. The orderly exit was to queue everyone so that each person was able to shake hands with everyone else. No one was missed out.

Julie Story

Julie is our pharmacists. She has taken up the whole wall on one side of the room with her variety of drugs. Of course we were not able to bring the drugs with us, through the fund rising efforts and events before we left, we are able to purchase the drugs here in Ndola. There is a very understanding pharmacist who supplies what we need. Julie was able to place her order before we left Australia. Any thing she runs out of she can order and pick up the next day. Thank you to everyone who contributed and attended our fundraisers.

This is Julie’s third trip to Eagles Wings. After Narelle returned from her first trip, Julie caught the vision and asked to join the team the next time they were going. She brought her husband Andrew along with her and they both returned for two trips. Julie and Andrew did not come with the team in 2013 as Andrew was unwell. Sadly Andrew has passed away, however, Julie is now back in Ndola with this years team. Her love for the people here will keep her coming back year after year. There was a lovely tribute for Andrew when we were at church on Sunday, acknowledging all the good work he has done for Eagles Wings and they expressed their love and support for Julie and Katherine.

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