Day 30 Meriton towards Policeman's Point

This morning, Reid awoke at 5.30am to see windmills atop the hills surrounding our overnight stop.  When he looked, he knew by the direction they were facing that it could only mean one thing – headwinds!  His prediction proved correct. He says the road today was like porridge - lots of bumps and vibration. Scenery for the first part of the day included the saltbush surrounding Snowtown, and the cattle country that led us into Adelaide. 

Daniel Badger, a local rider (and nuclear physicist), met us at the turn off to Two Wells.  He was able to navigate the team in through Adelaide, and out the eastern side.  Reid felt honoured to have such a brainy person as part of our team – even if just for a few hours!  The scenery through the Adelaide Hills was inspiring – towns like Stirling.  This settlement had streets lined with liquid ambers, leaves turning from green, through to yellow, bright orange and red.  The air was crisp, the grass green – such a stark contrast and relief to the relentless dust and heat of the Nullarbor.  Reid reported that the peaks and trees were welcome after the mind-numbing scenery on previous days.  A few times they could not see the top of the rise, with the road winding upwards into the Adelaide Hills. 

Today Natalie left for home as she begins work on Tuesday morning.  Her enthusiasm, hard work and attention to detail will be sorely missed on the road.  Flo did a detour to the airport in Adelaide, as well as to a Laundromat and supermarket to top up our food supplies. Having to plan meals well to maximise the little space in the bar fridge has been a challenge  The team appreciated being able to buy fresh fruit and veggies again after four days across W.A. with no fresh supplies due to strict quarantine rulings. 

Reid has passed the 11000 km mark, and is pleased that he is into day tallies that begin with a 3.

Good news about the RSVP for the Celebration Breakfast – Liz at Redlands Sporting Club is happy to extend the final numbers tally until this Friday, the 12th of April.  If you would like to come along to hear Reid’s reflections about the Aussie Challenge you can book online at and go to the donate tab, and the Breakfast is under Events.


Day 31 North of Policeman's Point towards Yambuck
Aussie Challenge Day 29
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