Day 31 North of Policeman's Point towards Yambuck

Breakfast at Tiffany’s

The sun comes up, alarms are going off… it’s time to wake up and begin another day. As I sit up, I realise that we have been camping right next to the sea. What a beautiful sight to start the day. Today we had a 6:30 wake up for a 7am departure. That is for most of us. Tiffany, however, sets her alarm for 2 minutes earlier than the rest of us so that she can get up and make porridge for Reid and the rest of the team. This has become the early morning routine ever since Tiff joined the team. While Reid eats, Dan is out getting the bike ready to go. It is a quick 30 minutes and Reid is off and riding. The rest of the team clean up camp before setting off on our hunt for Reid.

The Old Ocean Road

The drive this morning was spectacular. We began in Coorang, just north of Policeman’s Point and travelled through a few small towns, making it to Kingston SE at about lunch time. Having the water next to us and the views that came with it was very welcome change from the desolate landscape that we have experienced for days now. Once we reached Kingston SE, we stopped and took ‘Fake Ried’ for a photo with the Big Lobster. This thing is so big that I am quite certain that the real Reid would have seen it too.

Angry at the Wind

As we left Kingston SE we turned a corner and Reid turned straight into another headwind. This seems to be the unfortunate ‘normal’ for Reid on this journey. After a day of climbing hills through Adelaide yesterday Reid’s legs were quite sore and pedalling into the headwinds did not help them. He is happy to have Lynda around with her ability to massage his legs at each stop which helped to relieve some of the pain. Despite this, the afternoon portion of the day proved to be a frustrating one for Reid. However, I am constantly amazed at his drive to get back on the bike and continue moving. The last couple of days have been hard for me personally as I have received some difficult news but I am constantly encouraged and inspired by simply watching him fight and not give up.

Into the Night

After a quick dinner stop just outside of Millicent, Reid rugged himself up because the temperature is dropping and headed out for what looks to be a long night of riding. With about 150kms left to cover before the day ends, Reid is hopeful that we will be done by 3am. We have just arrived in Mt. Gambier and they have a McDonald’s so we have popped in to get coffee for everyone as a heart starter for the night ahead.

Day 32 Narrawong to Mitcham
Day 30 Meriton towards Policeman's Point
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