Day 32 Narrawong to Mitcham


Late last night at 9.30pm we crossed the Victorian border – another milestone done.  This was the final time change the team needed to go though.  At the time it was 6 degrees, with a strong crosswind.  Reid was dressed in arm and leg warmers, two vests, a jumper and a beanie and his booties.  After arriving at the overnight stop at 2.47 am , he quickly ate some Penang Chicken, swigged on his protein shake and magnesium drinks and hopped straight into a warm bed in the van, opting to stay in his cycling gear so as not to lose any valuable sleep time.  We have told him that he is due for a shower tonight as 3 days is the team’s limit! 

He rose at 7.10 and departed camp at 7.33am.  The scenery had improved markedly overnight.  Reid enjoyed the variety of the rolling hills, tall trees, green grass, farmlands and small towns.  We saw more wind farms. Today the windmills were pointing in a more favourable direction.  Yes – it began as a slight breeze and has built throughout the day into a definite tailwind.  The weather has been milder today, and this afternoon is overcast.  I guess it is typical Victorian weather – four seasons in one day. 

Port Fairy was a highlight today, with fake Reid going to the seaside to enjoy the view.  In Warrnambool, Reid pulled up beside a couple of local cyclists.  “Goin’ far mate?” they enquired.  “Um, ‘round Australia actually!”   They were gobsmacked as he briefly shared his story and Reid cycled off having a good laugh.  Classic!

We headed inland to Colac on our way to Geelong.   The team split in Terang.  Flo went ahead with Graham, Daun & Lynda to visit our host church Mitcham Baptist this evening for dinner and to arrange our accommodation.  Lyndell, Tiffany and Dan stayed with Reid, with Dan hopping on his bike in Werribee to navigate Reid through the maze of Melbourne hoping to arrive in Mitcham before midnight.  Reid is keen to visit the pastor of this church as he married Reid and Chan.  Two more members of the Aussie Challenge Team, Andrew Pope and Dave Eade are hoping to meet up with the team.  Andrew will join us for the remainder of the journey, and Dave for the night, whilst down here on business.

Reid has had more smiles today – amazing the change that a tailwind, some interesting scenery and the chance to catch-up with a friend can make.  He says he is really looking forward to doing something other than riding, eating and sleeping.  He is nearly there.

If you are interested in meeting Reid after the ride, register to come along to the Celebration Breakfast on the 20th April.  This would be a perfect time to bring in your donations in your Simplicity box and any donations you might like to make to Eagles Wings Australia. 

Day 33 12,214km done, 1,953km to go.
Day 31 North of Policeman's Point towards Yambuck
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