Day 33 12,214km done, 1,953km to go.

Sorry for the delay... technical issues on the road. 

Geelong Angels
When we approached Geelong yesterday, a new road appeared before us - the road Dan had plotted was replaced with a brand spanking new one. Apparently it opened only two weeks ago and we wondered if cyclists were allowed on this section. After a failed reconnaissance mission in the car to find the exits we had planned, Dan returned perplexed. At that exact moment, Heather and Maria from 94.7FM The Pulse Radio Geelong rang his phone. They announced they were down the highway and just passed Reid as he cycled into Geelong. They were only too happy to navigate us through the new road entering Geelong, joined us at KFC where they conducted an interview for their cycling program, and helped us get out the other side. Perfect timing!

Five Star Accomodation
Day 32 ended in Mitcham, at the Mitcham Baptist Church, where Garry, the Pastor who married Reid and Chan is the Senior Pastor. Graham, Lynda and I had gone ahead of Reid and the rest of the team to have dinner with Garry and to meet up with Andrew 'Popey' Pope, who had flown to Melbourne to join the support team. We had a delicious dinner and enjoyed the time hearing stories of Reid in his younger days.

Reid and the other arrived just after 1am with a warm meal, hot shower and his bed made up INSIDE the church awaiting him. After so many nights staying on the side of the road, Reid likened it to five star accomodation. He enjoyed catching up with Garry and was also able to have a quick catch up with Nathan, the cinematographer who travelled through Africa filming the Headwinds of Poverty documentary with Reid, Dan and Tim.

We've ditched the trailer
As Tiffany and Lyndell pulled into the church, after navigating through the streets of Geelong and Melbourne, Graham noticed that the wheels on the trailer were not looking good. Upon further inspection it was discovered that the axle was in fact sitting at an angle and one wheel was running against the wheel well. We were quite grateful for the protection that God had over the ladies and that they had arrived safely and that we were in fact in a place where we could leave the trailer in safe keeping.

Riding in the Rain
After a 5 hour sleep, we were up and moving again. Reid was off and riding by 7:30am... in the rain. Though the roads were wet, the conditions for riding were quite good, with either no wind or a favourable wind. Today we saw happy, smiley and speedy Reid. About 4 hours into the day we got a call from Reid telling us he had just gotten a flat tyre. After 12,000km, this being his second puncture of the trip, he is doing well. Fortunately we were not too far behind him so it was just a matter of minutes before Dan and Graham had him back on the road. 

Suffering in Rosedale
As part of the support team, we have various jobs that we do. One of those is doing the laundry. Today it took five of us to do this task. Ok, so maybe it just happened to be that we had five of us in the van, but none the less, we all 'suffered' while the washing was being done. Rosedale is a small town with some lovely people. As we walked through some of the shops we stumbled upon a shop owner who told us that he was once 8th in Victoria in cycling. As we told him about Reid and what he is doing he gave us some homemade chutney and relish 'because Reid will need that on his food'. We then discovered a lovely cafe and enjoyed a delicious coffee and cake.

Someone's knocking at the door
As we sat at the rest area in Bairnsdale having dinner we had a knock at the door. We were greeted by a local who is a cycling enthusiast and has been tracking Reid on the website. When he noticed that Reid had come through, he rushed out to try and meet him. Reid had just passed through so we invited him to meet us at the next stop, 30 km up the road. He is on his way there now. About 5 minutes later, there was another knock at the door. Once again, we were greeted by another local whose son rides with Reid in Brisbane. He too had been tracking Reid's progress and wanted to come by and give a donation. We are constantly amazed at the number of people who are following Reid and offering their support and encouragement along the way.

The ride will continue into the night... and finish somewhere on the other side of Orbost.

Day 34 Snowy River to Moruya
Day 32 Narrawong to Mitcham
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