Day 34 Snowy River to Moruya

This morning we awoke to the sounds of bellbirds singing in the tall gums of the Snowy Mountains.  We were just past the turn off to Orbost on the A1 heading east.  Reid had decided around 1a.m. after a full day of climbing and descending, that he needed to stop at this location, have his four and a half hours sleep and press on tomorrow.  Late in the day on Thursday, he had struggled with soreness in the top parts of his legs, but he woke with renewed enthusiasm and strength.  Three more days of riding had a nice ring to it!

We passed through the town of Cann River, made a smooth transition into the state of New South Wales around 12.45 - celebrating with bacon and egg sandwiches 'with the lot', before heading to the coast at Eden by mid afternoon.  The hills proved to be relentless, the downhills following exhilarating, but once again, the road neverending.  As we write, Reid has ridden through farming and coastal towns such as Bega and Moruya and aims to finish cycling by approx. 1-1.30am.   This morning Reid conducted an interview for the breakfast program on Brisbane ABC radio 612 and was able to express some of his frustrations and reasons for undertaking such a challenge.  He continues to receive favourable and continued interest from a range of media channels which increases the opportunity for exposure to Eagles Wings.  You can hear his interview at 

After lunch, four of the support crew drove ahead to Ulladulla to meet up with the Ulladullah-Milton Lions Club members who had prepared a 'pot luck' dinner for us.  Gill and Tony hosted this at their home with a dozen local Lions members coming out on a Friday night with a selection of wonderful food made from local ingredients - special note to the local prawns, amazing home made Thai fish cakes, salads and casseroles.  This was followed by a large selection of desserts (including Gill's famous trifle) and cheese platters. The Lions group listened attentively as Lyndell, Andrew (Popey), Lynda and Tiffany shared from different aspects, covering Eagles Wings, Challenge for Change concepts, what it's like on the road, explaining the practical challenges faced daily on the ride etc.  What a friendly and generous bunch of people who are now keen to stand roadside to wave and cheer Reid on in the morning as he passes through town.  The Lions Club generously donated part of their hard-earned fund-raising to the Aussie Challenge plus a personal donation from a Lions member who was unable to attend.

Graham, Dan and Daun have stayed in Flo to support Reid tonight and will pull up stumps approx. 50km south of Ulladullah and rest and pass through Ulladullah approx. 9-10am Saturday morning.

Reid has been encouraged by a number of generous donations today and, at the end of the day, raising money to support Eagles Wings is the goal of this ride.

Saturday will be a huge day as Reid will cycle through Southern NSW, Wollongong, Sydney and finish at approx. Gosford.

Thank you to all the people who have purchased tickets for the Celebration breakast on the 20th April. 

Day 35: Bateman's Bay to Gosford
Day 33 12,214km done, 1,953km to go.
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