Day 35: Bateman's Bay to Gosford

Day 35 Batemans Bay to Gosford
Pancakes for Breakfast
After four hours sleep, Reid was up and moving, preparing for another day. By 7:15am he was on the road.  Because half of the support team had gone ahead the night before into Ulladallah to have dinner and a chat with the local Lions Club, there were only 3 of us there acting as supporters. We were only about 32 kms away from passing the 13,000km mark. We decided that we would celebrate with brekky and coffee, but Macca's was not acceptable so off went to find a cafe. We found one right on the water called "Pancakes." We got our food to go and took it to the 13 000km and celebrated with Reid when he arrived. 
From there, we went forward and met up with the rest of the team. Reid stopped for a photo with the local Lions club. As he was setting off, a man across the street (who had noticed all the photo-taking) asked Reid where he was riding to. As it turned out, this man had also ridden his bike around Australia, completing his trip over six months. 
Hills by the sea
Today's ride continued through the hills with spectacular ocean views. Fake Reid stopped at Gerroa for a photo and a boogie board on the beach. While Fake Reid made his appearance on the beach, he caught the attention of a random beach-goer who asked us what we were doing. Turns out he was a cycling enthusiast who offered to help Reid's by promoting the Aussie Challenge within his cycling networks. 
Changing of the guard
For a brief one-hour, Reid had a support team of nine. He sure must be high maintenance! Maybe not. As we were heading closer to Sydney, Tash and Dave, two of the Aussie Challenge team members joined the support team whilst Tiffany and Lyndell sadly departed. 
The night goes on
At the time of writing this, we've safely navigated through Wooloongong and are approaching Sydney, where Reid will ride over the famous Harbour Bridge (wait for the photo!) he is aiming to reach Gosford sometime in the early hours of tomorrow morning. 
Day 34 Snowy River to Moruya
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