Natasha Johnson

Day 4: Meeting Annie

Today the cyclists enjoyed a lovely incline out of town, knowing that the remainder of the day was fairly flat. As we were unable to enter the school at Wilmot until 3:15pm, the cyclists took it easy, enjoyed each others' company, the teams engaged in a bit of friendly rivalry.

This morning's devotional message centred around the combination of faith and works, and it was encouraging for me to reflect upon the combination that is so evident in the participants on this journey - they are doing something remarkable out of faith for those less fortunate then themselves.

A standard day: however 20km from the finish line, the teams met "Gentle Annie", who proved to be a bit more ferocious than her name implied. Annie rose quite steeply and rose up to spectacular views from the top. This reminded me of those in Africa, who come across unexpected rises and challenges in their lives, with little preparation for it. What started as a straight-forward day for cyclists ended with a "sting in the tail". However, every cyclist rolled into Wilmot, despite this unexpected climb and endured it admirably.

Cyclists are on edge this evening, knowing that there are many climbs in tomorrow's 170km of cycling. However, having achieved that they've set out to achieve so far, I'm confident that all of the cyclists will roll into Strahan tomorrow, having exceeded their own expectations of themselves. The fundraising has cracked $80 000 and we are thankful. Bring on the hills!

Day Five; Wilmot to Strahan
Day Three: St Helens to Launceston
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