Natasha Johnson

Day 7: Ouse to Hobart

After their fantastic effort yesterday, some cyclists awoke this morning feeling excited about their trip into Hobart today, however others looked positively relieved that today was the last day of cycling. Our devotions this morning spoke about the nature of poverty and our responses to it. I was proud to be a part of a team that were so visibly doing something to relieve the condition of the poor and oppressed, the orphans and the widows.

The teams got off to a terrific start, knocking over the first fifty kilometers of the trip without too many problems. A flat tyre saw Team 20 catch Team 27 for the third consecutive year and the team leaders, drivers and navigators did a fantastic job of keeping the cyclists safe through busy traffic into Hobart.

Some railway tracks saw a bit of a stack in Team 27, however thankfully the injuries appear to be minor, and all of the team rode into Hobart. Team 20 also rode well as a unit, helping each other up the rises and working well as a team. Both teams arrived in Hobart mid-afternoon and are looking forward to a terrific celebration tomorrow.

After these events, inevitably the readjustment period takes some time. How are we going to process this experience? How do we explain to others what we've experienced and learnt, and how do we o back to 'normal life' after seeing the same people morning and night for nine days straight? On reflecting about the Tassie Challenge, many cyclists have commented that this experience has changed their life. Again, as a team, we are incredibly privileged to witness an event that changes lives of the participants, and also children half way across the world. What a unique experience. Thank you to all the participants; cyclists, ground crew, navigators, children, supporters, hosting towns and everyone who has contributed to The Tassie Challenge. Bring on New Zealand 2013!



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