Day Three: St Helens to Launceston


Our First Big Day
The Tassie Challenge, Challenge For Change, challenging events changing lives. Our first big in the field saw a challenge and the challenge was met. For our first time riders there was some trepidation at the beginning of the day. Yet, words of encouragement sent them off with a lot of hope and determination. Before we left for the day we looked at perseverance in the face of suffering. Our riders new that they would suffer through today yet waiting for them at the end of the road was a hot shower, a filling dinner and a warm bed. We were asked to imagine our friends in Zambia and to consider their perseverance in the face of suffering.

Both our teams excelled in today's ride. They both came in on time and intact. No hopping in cars for our riders. Every hill was overcome. So what was this big day. 164 km and climbed 2500mts. Team Twenty Seven averaged 24km/h and Team Twenty averaged 19.5km/h.

Challenging events changing lives. We are riding to change the lives of vulnerable children in Southern Africa. I thing the lives of some of our riders have changed today. 


Day 4: Meeting Annie
Day Two: Swansea to St Helens
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