It's here!  Day 8. Most of us have lost count of which day it is throughout the week, but today we all know. Final day!  There's a sense of excitement but also some mixed feelings that our team will be going our separate ways. We've grown together as we work, ride, sleep and eat together in very close quarters. 

Both teams are on their way to Milford Sound. Team 20 left first this morning and Team 27 followed behind by an hour or so.  This way they will arrive at the end together.  Support crew have been organising tonight's dinner and we will soon be on our way also. I know there will be many photos of the final destination this afternoon.

We have all been very appreciative of the messages of support from our homes in Australia and New Zealand. Thankyou for your prayers and encouragement.  We will be keen to share our celebration this afternoon. Mostly thankyou for your financial support for the children in Zambia.  There is still time to send support in recognition of the riders and their amazing achievement.