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Follow the CFC team and event participants as they tackle physically challenging events to raise funds and awareness for Eagles Wings.

Introducing Challenge for Change

Things are about to get exciting as Challenge for Change begins in 2012.

Challenge for Change is an initiative of Eagles Wings Australia and our Mission Statement sums up our purpose and hopes. But as with everything in life there is a starting point, an idea, a thought or a dream, a sudden light bulb moment. Or there is a challenge that is overcome that creates something beautiful, something inspirational. Sometimes something that brings hope starts out as a hopeless situation. So it is with Eagles Wings’ new initiative, Challenge for Change.

In 2006 a few guys thought it would be a good idea to spend 40 days on the side of a 3000 metre cliff-face in Kyrgyzstan, a small central Asian country. My brother, Steve, was part of this expedition as a climber/logistics coordinator. Steve had been to Eagles Wings on previous trips assisting with the construction of Eagles Wings Christian Community School in Ndola, Zambia. As a result, he was able to get Eagles Wings as one of the recipient charities this expedition would support. While the climb was a success, the fundraising was not what they had hoped for.

Following this expedition, talk began of an open water paddle from Papua New Guinea to Brisbane. Nuts! Steve was a bit standoffish with this idea unless there was going to be larger funding benefits for Eagles Wings. He loved the concept of using his God given abilities and passions for good, but wanted to make sure as much good could be achieved! Unfortunately Steve was never able to test his kayaking ability as he was killed in a BASE Jumping accident in Norway in August 2007. But what he left was like the small mustard seed idea that Jesus spoke about in Mark 4:30-32. I had been on the sidelines as such, cheering him on in his adventures and only occasionally considered the idea of joining him, as the work with Eagles Wings was growing and I was caught up with the initial processes in Zambia.

This concept of using our God given abilities and passions (great or small) for good began to take a greater hold within Eagles Wings Australia as a fundraising option, which started the conversation about Break the Cycle, a cycling event beginning in 2008. Over the past four years, BTC has raised over $300,000 for Eagles Wings in partnership with Be A HERO Australia, seeing some amazing results on the ground in assisting vulnerable children. Our partnership to run BTC ended at the end of 2011 on a great note with three events held on 3 continents!

In 2012 Challenge for Change begins. Many challenging events will be on the cards as Challenge for Change develops not only cycling events but a variety of challenges. It’s going to be good! There are plenty of crazy and not so crazy ideas which may unfold. So stay tuned, or consider participating this year in a Challenge for Change event!

We have a great team in place; Andrew Hellinga, Tim Burns, Natasha Johnson and Andrew Francis who will coordinate and head up various Challenge for Change events and from time to time you may hear from them on this blog.

So far, the journey has been a challenge in itself, but that small mustard seed concept has and is seeing vulnerable children’s lives change for the better. Ideas are never really owned by one person, they tend to grow from somewhere or someone else and point to a personal, sovereign God who directs our steps. As it is with Challenge for Change.


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