Kosciuszko Challenge 2015 Day Two


We woke this morning, looked out our windows and saw the surrounding paddocks covered with a white blanket of snow, kangaroos hopping through the snow, grazing on the grass beneath. A postcard winter wonderland. However, this is spring and we have a job to do. A mini snowman was built on one of the picnic tables, all before breakfast. As the sun rose higher our snowman watched the rest of the snow dissipate clearing the way for todays ride. Our goal today is to ride up Kosciuszko as far as Perisher Valley and while the day started in snow we had relatively clear skies. The good news is no one got wet. It was definitely chilly and as predicted colder than yesterday. a thirty-five kilometre climb and then a thirty-five kilometres down hill rush. Our riders were able to ride up at their own speed. No bunch riding up the mountain. Each one was able to ride within their own ability. While it was a hard ride, reaching the end was a great sense of achievement. The team dynamics are also starting to develop which is preparing the way for the longer rides over the next few days.


We are staying at the Adventist Alpine Village, very comfortable accommodation with a large common room full of comfy armchairs and an open log fire. The added bonus is that our stay is catered, giving a respite for our hard working ground crew. Today while our riders were enjoying the scenery on Mount Kosciuszko, the ground crew along with some of the road crew not on duty on the mountain, spent a restful day in Jindabyne, taking in the sights with a quiet lunch. Well deserved for the hard working crew who look after our cyclists and keep them safe on the rode. The hard work continues tomorrow as we climb over the Snowy Mountains and descend into Victoria with our end goal in sight. Hard days, riding for the Eagles Wings children. 

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