Medical Team - Clinic Day Two

Friday, the last day of the week and the last day for us to see the children and staff at Eagles Wings school. We open the clinic to the community on Monday. Today was busier - almost 200 patients - yet it ran smoothly. We were able to establish a routine after our first day. Improving on the things we did right and changing the things that went wrong. There were a lot more children to see, however, triaging them more efficiently removed any chaos. Monday we will triage differently again as instead of seeing whole classrooms of children in one go, we will be seeing adults one at a time. Once the word gets out there will be a lot of people to see.

A busy day of routine left little time for adventure to report. On our walk this morning we again crossed the creek by the old railway bridge. Less adventure and a less stressful way to start the day. The last day of the week so the last blog until Monday. The weekend to ourselves, however, still time for running errands. Saturday will be shopping, lunch out and a restful afternoon. Personal shopping, souvenir shopping at market stalls, plus a trip to the pharmacy to top up our supplies. Sunday is church and then off to the airport to pick up the rest of our team. I will report back on any weekend adventures in Monday’s blog.

Geena’s Story

This is Geena’s second visit to Eagles Wings with the medical team, she was last here four years ago. Geena’s background is theatre nursing and she has been nursing for many years. After some years living and working in South Africa, Geena developed a love of Africa and therefore she loves coming to Zambia because of the people. Geena feels that the contribution she can make to these people in need compared to her patients in Australia is one of the major contributing factors to coming to Zambia. What Geena is looking forward to this time is to the difference in the general health, nutrition and social attitudes of the people since she was here last. She was not on the last team that visited and she is hoping the health education from the last team’s visit is making a positive influence in the health and well being of the community,

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