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NZ Challenge 2014 - Day Two

NZ Challenge 2014 - North Island

Wanganui to Turangi
Day two and a rhythm is beginning to emerge. An early start as we have a lot of kilometres to cover today. 173kms and a few big climbs. We started the day hearing about life in Zambia from Ba Lackson. He was telling us about blind beggars in Ndola. They use young children to guide them around and to beg for them. Lackson tells us that it is wrong for these children to be used this way. They should be in school, receiving an education. Providing for their future. Without it they will end up on the street themselves begging with no prospect for employment. These are the children Eagles Wings are taking off of the streets and placing in school. Your contributions do count. Helping these children reach there God given potential.

Team 27 made their usual early start, crossed the Wanganui River walking there bikes across the railway/footbridge while the support vehicles drove the long way and met up on the other side. Once we left Wanganui the scenery became breathtaking. Pastoral scenes with both cattle and sheep with the occasional shearing shed waiting for some very wooly sheep to offer up their fleece. Forestry areas with plantation trees perched on some very steep hills. As the day drew on, the closer we came to the mountains. Not ones to ride over, but distant vistas that just enhance the scenery. Snow capped mountains with their heads in the clouds as well as a volcano with steam issuing from hidden vents. After a well earned coffee break, Team 27 paused to have their photo taken against this magnificent backdrop.

Our day was not without incident. In Team 27 saw two riders get to close and one rider going down and scraping his knee. Not far from the lunch stop where first aid was administered while coffee was ordered. Again please ride carefully. Look after your self and look after your team mates. The only victim in Team 20 was a pair of shoes. Marina shoes decided to separate from the soles. Stopping at shop she purchased some plumbing glue and some duct tape. After some running repairs Marina was back on her bike. Tomorrow is Monday and the shops will be open. At the first big town the bike shop will have some new customers as Richard also needs new cleats. A broken cleat earlier today found Richard riding most of the day wearing one jogging shoe and one cycling shoe.

Some big hills today provided some challenging times for all of our riders. Some revelled in the hills. Others took their time and rode within their ability while a few did struggle. However, each rider made it to the top of each hill. Challenge met. For ever hill that is climbed, the reward is the run down the other side. The approach into Turangi is one long down hill run. The more confident riders took full advantage of this fast decent.

Both teams rolled into camp with a smile on their face for a day well rode. Rest well as tomorrow we have another early start as we head towards hot springs and boiling mud.

To our friends and supporters please leave your words of encouragement on Facebook. A message for one Braveheart or for the the whole team. Each message will be read out and the encouragement shared and multiplied.

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