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Follow the CFC team and event participants as they tackle physically challenging events to raise funds and awareness for Eagles Wings.

NZ Challenge Day One

NZ Challenge 2014 - North Island
Levin to Wanganui

8:00am bikes have been prepped. Shiny new shirts unwrapped and worn for the first time. Excitement is held in check. 23 riders holding there bikes and waiting for the go. Big Andy is giving the prep talk and starting the video blog. "Welcome to NZ Challenge for 2015"...... Take Two ....... "Welcome to day one of the NZ Challenge for 2015"??? Take Three ...... "Welcome to day one of the NZ Challenge 2014" Big Cheer. Team 27 lead by Andrew set off first followed by Team 20 lead by Big Andy. Team 20 took a wrong turn and added an extra five kilometres before they were back on track.

Day one as always was with out adventure.  The teams are finding there feet, getting to know there fellow riders. A few new riders learning the ropes of riding with Challenge For Change.

Day one, 127kms. A couple of nice hills towards the end of the ride. The Team 27 donkey award for the day goes to Robbie. Wheeling into Wanganui and stopping at a red light, not paying attention to where he was going and had to break suddenly and there he goes, over the handle bars. Nothing hurt, only his pride. As Robbie said he had a choice of running into the back of a couple of riders so instead he took one for the team and took the dive.

They say that accidents are more likely to happen when you are close to the finish. Please remain alert riders. Ride safe so we can bring you all home safely. 

Both teams arrived early this afternoon. Time to reflect on the day and relax. To prepare for the big days ride tomorrow. Rest well tonight. It is up early for you tomorrow with a long ride ahead. Ride well for the children of Eagles Wings

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NZ Challenge 2014 - Day Two
2014 Challenge for Change --- The Beginning. 
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