Pain and Gain

This week I ended up completing 560km on the bike, with a very sore body. I felt some confusion as to why I was feeling so sore all week. As the start of my weight loss coincided with feeling weak and experiencing out-of-the- ordinary muscle soreness, I looked into it a little further. It's good to get some of these issues sorted now!

A friend of mine pointed me to a good cycling site (, which has a large range of cycling ‘tips’ that address everything from performance through to nutrition, so I did my best to try and identify what went wrong for me. At the same time, I came away with some information that may prove invaluable for the journey ahead.

One of the articles I read stated, ‘...if you want to aim for body fat loss with maximum muscle retention, research suggests maintaining a moderate-to-high amount of protein in your diet.’ The article then went on to say, ‘..carbohydrate is your main fuel source during moderate-to-vigorous exercise, but if you overly restrict it training intensity is likely to suffer.’ Over the past week, I increased my protein intake, but dramatically decreased my carbohydrate intake. I don’t completely understand the science behind why it left me feeling weak and sore, but I know that it did! Over the coming week, I will see what happens if I maintain a higher carb diet, and keep my protein intake to the recommended amounts for intensive training.

If you are interested at all in cycling performance and the research into this area, check out the article here.  I found it to contain very useful information. I particularly liked the idea of chocolate milk as a recovery drink and drinking coffee (caffeine) to increase performance! That’s my kind of useful research!

With regards to the planning for The Aussie Challenge, we had a meeting mid-week just to see where we are placed. I think we are on track, though we’ve got lots to do and a few minor miracles need to happen. We still require two more vehicles, a lot more fuel sponsorship and a couple more team members. Finalising the logistics for the trip is on track (thanks Popey!) as is starting our fundraising/advocacy for this trip. A friend of mine, Dave Eade, is heading up our social media direction and at the meeting, he was able to share with the rest of the team how it will all work. Social media is a confusing world for me, but it does seem to be invaluable today in communicating a message well to larger audiences. So, we will be ‘tweeting’ and regularly updating the website and Facebook along the way. I only just got used to blogging! 



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